Zach Evans Recruitment Re-Opens as Georgia Releases Him From his LOI

The Zach Evans saga has officially rebegun as his recruitment is re-opened amid Georgia releasing the 5-star back from his LOI.

For the last several months, there has not been a more drama-filled recruitment than that of 5-star running back Zachary Evans. The immense talent this blue-chip prospect out of North Shore High School in Houston, Texas possesses has only been matched - even at times overshadowed - by a fast-paced rumor mill and a series of scandalous events. 

Today, that drama-filled spectacle re-opens along with his recruitment as Georgia has officially released Evans from his letter of intent. 

Though it has been reported that Evans signed and sent off his letter of intent to play for the University of Georgia, it is not clear whether or not the Georgia staff ever submitted that paperwork, nor does it matter. All that matters is Evans will not be playing football for the Bulldogs.

Texas A&M, LSU, Alabama, and Georgia have all been seen as the favorites to land Evans at various times in his recruitment. The entire college football recruiting community now continues to wait and see how this unprecedented situation will play out. 

However, with Georgia out we are lead to believe that it's a battle between LSU and A&M. 

The University of Georgia was seen as the odds on favorite to bring the talented, yet troubled, running back in for the greater part of the last month. Evans even confirmed that he had signed with a school and dropped big hints in interviews that obviously suggested that school was Georgia.

As for why he's not going to be at Georgia? 

Many people have speculated that this turn of events has been directly related to Zach's well-documented discipline issues. Others have suggested that grades were an issue for Evans's early enrollment at UGA. The internet and social media platforms have been inundated by accusations of a more salacious nature. At the end of the day, only Zach Evans and the coaching staff, or staffs, that signed him know all the details.

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