Zach Evans Updates Recruitment with Interesting Quote at Under Armour Game

Brooks Austin

Zach Evans is one of the most talented players in the 2020 recruiting cycle and his recruitment process has been a whirlwind, to say the least. 

Today, the storm surrounding the North Shore high product from Houston, Texas began to brew into a monster. 

Coming into today, Evans was set to announce his college decision during the Under Armour All-American game, however as we reported today he has delayed his recruitment yet another time and did not announce during tonight's game. 

Although, the #1 running back in the country did shed some light on what is going on with his recruitment. When asked where he was at, Zach Evans responded: 

"I want to first apologize to all of my college coaches and apologize for the things they are hearing. I am really a good kid." 

The trouble with Evans first began back at the beginning of the high school football season as he was suspended from his North Shore high school team for a disagreement with the coaching staff. 

Then gasoline was thrown on the open fire just hours before the 6A Texas State Championship game as Evans was suspended for reportedly refusing to give up his cell phone. Though it may seem like a small issue, the fact of the matter is, it was a big of enough an issue for the coaching staff to play the title game without one of the nation's top talents. 

Deion Sanders went on to say during the interview during the ESPN broadcast, "He's a kid. He did something stupid. He made a mistake and he deserves a second chance." 

As for what that mistake was? It's simply speculation at this point but one thing stands out: Evans mentioned ALL his college coaches. Keyword? All. 

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"Evans mentioned ALL his college coaches. Keyword? All." I just don't know what this means or is referring to. This whole thing is odd. If he's signed already, what does it matter when he announces? Deon, "deserves a second chance"...almost sounds like he did something criminal or totally questionable....that involves his cell phone.....posted something really bad? It's not good news no matter what it is. If he goes to UGA, I have no doubt that Kirby and the program/players can help him to "mature" and "focus" on what's really important.


Definitely an interesting choice of words!