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'Don't Bro-Hug Me; I'm SWAC, He Ain't SWAC': Eddie Robinson Jr. on Deion Sanders

Eddie Robinson Jr. felt as thought Deion Sanders disrespected his team, program, and school from his earlier comments through the game.

Alabama State head coach Eddie Robinson Jr. gave insight on his actions towards Jackson State head coach Deion Sanders when he rebuffed his mid-field post-game embrace.

"I thought it was a lot of disrespect the whole week," Robinson Jr. told reporters in his press conference. "You're not going to be disrespectful the whole week in the media. We didn't talk in the pregame. I was out there the whole time at the 50-yard in the post-game, I'm not going to give you the Obama-Bro Hug. I'm going to shake your hand and go on."

Deion Sanders' Monday SWAC Coaches' press conference comments did sit well with the Alabama State head coach. Robinson Jr. played at Alabama State before a successful professional career in the NFL. He's from New Orleans and witnessed great SWAC coaches like Eddie Robinson and Marino H. Casem.

"I'm living on the shoulders of the SWAC. He ain't SWAC. You know. I'm SWAC. He ain't SWAC."

Also, Robinson Jr. had an issue with Jackson State's backup quarterback passing the football toward the match's conclusion, with the Tigers closing out for the win.

Robinson has always been a passionate competitor from his high school football days at Brother Martin High School in New Orleans, LA.  

What's next for Sanders and Robinson Jr.? It's too early to tell, but coaches' tempers flaring at the end of contests is not new in the SWAC. Today's actions by Robinson to Sanders will be another story crafted in the lore of SWAC football.