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Where Indiana Basketball Recruiting Targets Stand in Updated 247 Sports Rankings

247 Sports published new high school basketball recruiting rankings for the classes of 2024, 2025 and 2026. Here's where all the players that Indiana and coach Mike Woodson are targeting on the recruiting trail stand in the rankings.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Mike Woodson and the Indiana men's basketball team have been hard at work on the recruiting trail, and their efforts are evidenced by just how many high profile prospects the Hoosiers are in contention for. 

247 Sports published its updated high school basketball recruiting rankings for the 2024 and 2025 classes on Wednesday, and debuted its class of 2026 rankings as well. 

Here's where all of Woodson's recruiting targets for the Indiana men's basketball team rank in the classes of 2024, 2025 and 2026:

Class of 2024 Rankings for IU Recruiting Targets

  • No. 2 overall — Dylan Harper 
    • Formerly the No. 1 overall recruit in the class of '24, Harper has been knocked down to the No. 2 spot following Cooper Flagg's decision to re-class so he can enter the 2025 NBA Draft. 
    • Indiana is in Harper's top five, but seems highly unlikely to land the son of the NBA champion. Rutgers is the favorite to land him, while Duke and Kansas still have a good shot. 
  • No. 12 overall — Derik Queen
    • One of three Montverde Academy basketball players who visited Bloomington this past weekend, and a player who has been covered extensively by
    • To read our in-depth scouting report on Queen — one of the best passing and ball-handling big men at the high school level in recent memory — CLICK HERE. 
  • No. 13 overall — Asa Newell
  • No. 15 overall — Liam McNeeley
    • The five-star prospect Indiana is most likely to land in the class of 2024 right now. 
    • conducted an exclusive, one-on-one interview with McNeeley in August. You can find that interview here at this link
    • also wrote an in-depth scouting report on the versatile forward from Montverde, who is one of the best shooting prospects in recent high school basketball history. You can read that story at this link here
  • No. 20 overall — Patrick Ngongba II
    • To read our in-depth scouting report on Ngongba, one of the three top-20 centers Indiana has pursued in the class of 2024, CLICK HERE
  • No. 33 overall — Boogie Fland
    • Indiana hosted a visit for Fland this past week that went "very well," according to Adam Zagoria
    • To read an update on Indiana's recruitment of Fland and how strongly Woodson and the staff has pushed for him, check out Jack Ankony's story at this link here
    • also wrote an in-depth scouting report on Fland, who excels as a shooter, passer an brilliant off-ball mover. To read our story on what Fland could bring to Indiana, CLICK HERE

Class of 2025 Rankings for IU Recruiting Targets

  • No. 2 overall — Darryn Peterson
  • No. 3 overall — Koa Peat
  • No. 4 overall — Caleb Wilson
  • No. 5 overall — Bryson Tiller
  • No. 7 overall — Darius Acuff Jr. 
  • No. 8 overall — Meleek Thomas
  • No. 9 overall — Jasper Johnson
  • No. 10 overall — Jalen Haralson
    • A recent transfer to La Lumiere School in Indiana, Haralson is the five-star in the class of 2025 that has been most closely connected to Woodson and the Hoosiers.
    • We talked about the recruitment of Haralson and gave an exclusive look at some of his AAU stats, as well as physical measurements, on an episode of the Hoosier Roundtable Podcast. 
  • No. 15 overall — Jacob Wilkins
  • No. 16 overall — Mikel Brown Jr.
  • No. 18 overall — Trey McKenney
  • No. 21 overall — Darius Adams
    • A four-star teammate of Haralson's at La Lumiere, and another prospect we discussed on the Hoosier Roundtable Podcast. 
  • No. 30 overall – Malachi Moreno
    • Moreno, Adams and Haralson visited Indiana together in September.
  • No. 37 overall — Kiyan Anthony
  • No. 44 overall — Akai Fleming
  • No. 57 overall — Trent Sisley
    • Indiana is expected to host a visit for the four-star Sisley on Thursday.
  • No. 65 overall – Cam Ward
  • No. 66 overall — Amari Allen
  • No. 71 overall — Kai Rogers
  • No. 95 overall — Aleks Alston
  • No. 130 overall — Eric Reibe
  • No. 147 overall — Dezmon Briscoe

Class of 2026 Rankings for IU Recruiting Targets

247 Sports just published its first top 60 rankings for the class of 2026. Given that the following guys are still sophomores in high school, there's understandably not much public information on who has most fervently recruited them, and which ways they might be leaning. 

Still, these are the four recruiting targets in the class of '26 where at least some small connection to IU has been made. 

  • No. 2 overall — Tyran Stokes
    • As is the case for any superstar, top of the class five-star prospect nowadays, Woodson and Indiana have been at his games and showing interest. 
  • No. 36 overall — TJ Crumble
    • A four-star from Cleveland, Ohio, that Indiana has shown interest in. 
  • No. 53 overall — Jonathan Sanderson 
  • No. 56 overall — Jayden Johnson
    • Johnson is visiting IU on Oct. 21, according to Wyatt Huff. 

The entirety of 247 Sports basketball recruiting rankings for the 2024, 2025 and 2026 classes can be found at this link here

  • IU PUSHING FOR FLAND: Mike Woodson and the Indiana Hoosiers are recruiting Boogie Fland, and recently hosted a visit for the five-star guard in the class of 2024. CLICK HERE
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  • MCNEELEY, QUEEN, GIVENS VISIT IU: Indiana hosted a trio of official visits over the weekend with Montverde Academy teammates Curtis Givens III, Liam McNeeley and Derik Queen. Check out some pictures and video from the visit. CLICK HERE