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Here's What Coach Mike Woodson Said After Indiana's Loss to Michigan

The Hoosiers are no longer perfect at home after falling to Michigan 80-62. Read or listen to what Indiana head coach Mike Woodson had to say about the letdown loss.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana is fresh off of an upset win over No. 4-ranked Purdue but couldn't keep the streak alive on Sunday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall where the Hoosiers lost to Michigan 80-62.

Indiana's perfect home game winning record is no more as the Wolverines picked up a much needed conference win.

Here's what Indiana head coach Mike Woodson said about the loss in a post game press conference. Read the transcript, or just watch the attached video.

Q: On losing the game...

WOODSON: I told Juwan that after the ballgame. I just thought our rotation, I thought our intensity starting the game, when I look at the stat sheet and look at the plus/minus, everybody had minuses, so that just lets me know we weren't there tonight, which that's on me. It's just unacceptable, especially coming off a great game like the Purdue game.

Q. On what was missing from the starting five...

WOODSON: Well, again, our starting five the last two games has dug a hole. They've been pretty good all year, but our bench bailed us out in the Purdue game, but tonight we just, we got down so much. 

We'd make runs and then we'd kill ourselves by giving the run back. When you make a run — we haven't been down a whole lot this year like that, and when we have, we've gotten stops. I thought 80 points is a lot of points to give up for us. We've got to defend every night in order to put ourselves in position to win.

Q. On the energy level from Indiana...

WOODSON: Well, it's disappointing, but again, it's my job to make sure that they don't drop the rope and we come back and go to work tomorrow and get ready for Penn State.

Q. On keeping momentum going forward…

WOODSON: Well, again, Penn State is next. We've got to go back and break this tape down and actually see where all the breakdowns were and why our plus/minus was all minuses. 

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Those are areas that we can learn and grow as a team. But Penn State is next, and I've got to get them ready to go for Penn State. We can't go back and get this one.

Q. On responding to a big win with a letdown...

WOODSON: Again, they haven't had very many big wins here. Their wins have been kind of on a roller coaster. I think when you experience some success, it's new to us. We're still learning as a team how to win. That's why we're in the position we're in.

 We've done some good things this season, but we've still got a long way to go, and hopefully we can learn. It's my job to make sure we learn from this situation today because I'm not taking anything away from Michigan; they played great. 

They were fabulous tonight, and we've just got to get ready now, and like I said, break the tape down and get ready for Penn State.

Q. On Miller Kopp and Parker Stewart…

WOODSON: Well, again, the way teams are playing us, they know that they can make shots if they're open. I thought our early shots that we had on the perimeter, we had so much pressure coming at us, instead of just pump faking and letting the guys go by, they made us miss. They weren't hoping we missed, they made us miss shots.

You reverse that, we were hoping that they missed shots instead of making them miss shots. That was the difference in our pressure on their three-point shooters. I mean, that's something that hadn't been consistent for us. We've been normally good on the three-point line, but we let it get away tonight. That was the difference in the game I thought.

Q. On how to get the most out of Parker Stewart…

WOODSON: Well, I thought the other night against Purdue, our starters came out and they were aggressive, but they couldn't make shots early. We dug a hole, but our defense was holding in there. Purdue wasn't running off. 

But tonight, our defense, it just wasn't there. We were a step behind in our rotations, and they just kind of had their way. Again, I give them credit because we just didn't meet the challenge tonight, and that's pretty sad after having a big game against Purdue. We've got to put this one behind us and regroup. Got a few days to practice to get ready for Penn State.

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