Here's What Archie Miller Said After Indiana's Loss to Michigan State

Archie Miller met with the media following Indiana's loss to Michigan State on Saturday, and discussed the guards struggles, Trayce Jackson-Davis' record day and a loss that was "hard to take.''
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BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – Indiana coach Archie Miller met with the media for seven minutes and answered four questions following the Hoosiers' 78-71 loss to Michigan State on Saturday at Simon Skjodt Assembly Hall. 

Here's what he said:

– Opening statement

ARCHIE MILLER: It was a disappointing day for our team. I give Michigan State a lot of credit. Their guys played hard. They took a couple good shots because I thought we started the game really good defensively and got good offense in the first half but did not make shots. 

Coming out of halftime I thought we did a really good job being able to build the lead back to nine but as the half went on there was just too many errors, either very timely or costly turnovers or defensively, just some break downs. Whether it was transition rebounding or guarding the ball screen. I think we let Michigan State continue to build confidence throughout the game and as they hung around. They are good team and have good players but like every team they have their own journey. 

We knew today was going to be hard and I am disappointed in our team’s ability to defend in the second half. 26 points given up in the first half, lot of deflected balls and guys playing hard. Then in the second half we gave up 52 points and 55 percent from the floor. We did not control either end in the second half and it is a hard one to take.

– Asked about Indiana's defensive struggles:

ARCHIE MILLER: Aaron Henry is a tough matchup. They isolated him a lot in the post or they isolated him just on the perimeter and we did not have a good matchup for him. He jumped over top of us, played bigger and we did not have a floor tight enough. We did a couple things in the post where they were able to play inside out. They spread us on ball screens at times and our coverages were not there. 

Michigan State is very good on the glass and they are very good in transition. They got 12 offensive rebounds and 14 second chance points. I thought our second half offense was bad after the first five minutes. We had seven turnovers and all seven were tough and bad plays. 

We took all the sprit and momentum away from ourselves. I would say the second half of the second half was not good for us on both ends of the court.

– Asked about perimeter shooting issues:

ARCHIE MILLER: Trayce Jackson-Davis had 34 today and he was also able to draw 13 personal fouls. He scored 34, he drew 13 fouls, shot 16 free throws, 12 of them went in, and he was 11 for 18. They did not really have an answer for him, so we played inside out and when the ball came out, especially in the first half, we missed some open ones.

In the second half it came down to our inability to capitalize in transition and also capitalize on the inside out game. We shot 4 for 19 from the three today. Armaan Franklin made three of them and Jerome Hunter made one early. Other than that, there was not much perimeter shooting at all.

– Asked about struggles of Al Durham and Rob Phinisee:

ARCHIE MILLER: They practice hard. They have a great attitude. Guys are working. Both of them came off a really good game Wednesday night. Both played hard. Both played well. I think from a perimeter shooting standpoint it might be a confidence thing. 

Al had his opportunities on curls. He drove it today. Rob is struggling with his shot. He has been struggling with his shot. We have tried to get him away from that. He has been getting good looks. The level of play, we needed more on the perimeter in today’s game. Al and Rob play a big role for us. Those two guys, they work at it. Today wasn’t their day. Came back at it here in the next few and be ready to go at it, those are the type of guys that they are. 

There is no question that no getting much out of those guys from the perimeter today hurt the team. We got 49 points from two guys inside and Armaan ended up getting 13. I really look at the second half as being a complete bust on defense, very disappointing there. To give up 52 after you only gave up 26 in the first half.

– Asked about Race Thompson's big day:

ARCHIE MILLER: Race played hard and was very active defensively. I thought Trayce did a much better job for our team today in terms of impacting things at the rim. Race got a lot of deflection on the ball. He was very active with his hands. In the second half he did a good job giving us another guy offensively that we could go to. He played well. Race did what he did today. They went small I thought to their advantage. Had Gabe Brown in there, with Henry and Rocket, one center. They spread us out in the second half. I thought that lineup really caused some problems for us at times. We also had some switching going on that they were able to take advantage of. Race did a good job. He was active post of the game. He had a great effort. I never question it. In the second half he did a great job for us, especially early being able to help us. Those two guys, Michigan State choose to play that way. That is how they played. Those two guys were able to do it, able to get some baskets.

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