Open Thread: Live From Crisler Center with Michigan-Indiana

Tom Brew

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Two teams battling to secure an NCAA Tournament bid are hooking up here at the Crisler Center today. It's a big game for both Indiana and Michigan.

Follow along on this live thread and we'll keep you updating on everything that goes on here today.

Pregame stuff

Everyone is dressed and warming up for the Hoosiers. The starting lineup remains the same.

And since you always have to wonder here in Ann Arbor, Michigan is wearing white today. No yellow, or maize, excuse me.

And on to the game

  • Joey Brunk first on the board for the Hoosiers, who seem intent on really pounding the ball inside early. 
  • Indiana's first 3-point attempt comes from Al Durham, and he knocks it down. Indiana needs at least eight 3s today to have a chance, in my opinion. Your thoughts?
  • Justin Smith has been aggressive driving to the basket early, which is always a good sign. He's a barometer for this team on many days. He plays hard, they play better.
  • Durham hits another 3-pointer, and we're at the first TV timeout. Indiana leads 12-11, so it's great to see them weather the storm early. 
  • DEVONTE GREEN SIGHTING! After scoring 27 points Thursday night against Iowa, it's going to be interesting to see if he can stay hot. 
  • MY TWO CENTS: Now this is what I don't get about Indiana's offense a lot of days. Here's Green, coming off a hot game, and in their FIRST FIVE possessions, they don't even give him a good look at a shot. That's stupid. Because what we know about Devonte is that he'll force one if he has to. If you're going to put him in early, then g et him an open shot or two.
  • Two touches, and two scores for De'Ron Davis. He's plays some good minutes the past few weeks.
  • TV timeout at 10:24, and Michigan leads 21-16.
  • Green finally does get a good look after the timeout and knocks it down. Remind me to ask Archie about that after the game. It was nine touches before a shot for Green
  • 8:31: Michigan's Austin Davis just scored on an offensive rebound and a layup, pushing Brunk out of the way in the process. Archie called a quick timeout and stared a hole through Brunk. 
  • MY TWO CENTS: He's not happy. Indiana has been a good rebounding team most of the year, and there's probably nothing that bothers more than that lack of physicality lately on the glass.
  • Is is just me, or does Indiana's defense seem a little more confused that normal today?
  • I don't know why Archie calls those 50/50 balls. Seems like it's more about 20/80 with this group. 
  • It's halftime, folks. Michigan leads 41-34. De'Ron Davis has 10 points on 5-for-5 shooting from the field. It's his first double-digit game outing since the Arkansas game in the NIT Tournament last March. His season-high a year ago was 12 on Feb. 2 in the first win against Michigan State. 

Coming up at halftime

... Some telling statistics about Indiana on the road in the Big Ten this year. If it seems like the Hoosiers are always fighting an uphill battle on the road, it's because they are. Here's their list of Big Ten road games this year, with the point spread going in, and their biggest deficit in the first half.

They've only won once on the road, at Nebraska.

  • Wisconsin (-2) …. trailed by 20, LOST
  • Maryland (+6.5) …. trailed by 8, LOST
  • Rutgers (+5.5)…. trailed by 12, LOST
  • Nebraska (-6.5) …. trailed by 9, WON
  • Penn State …. trailed by 4, LOST
  • Ohio State (+7.5) …. trailed by 14, LOST
  • Michigan (+8) …. trailed by 12 ... ABOUT TO, YOU KNOW ... 

That's an average margin of being behind by 11.2 points EVERY GAME.

Second half action

  • There's another loose ball, and Michigan comes up with it. Yep, 20/80 balls. 
  • Michigan then converts, and it's now 55-42 Wolverines with 14;45 to go. 
  • It's that kind of day. Brandon Johns Jr. just made a 3-pointer for Michigan that must have bounced on the rim four times. Everything falling for them. Michigan is shooting 60.5 percent from the field. 
  • Another De'Ron Davis basket. He's up to 12 points now. 
  • There was a trivia question on the scoreboard just now about 1992. I thought they weren't allowed to talk about that year here????
  • The last time De'Ron Davis scored 14 points in  game was Dec. 9, 2017 against Louisville. He was a young sophomore with enormous promise back then. 
  • Announcer has been getting Rob's last name wrong the entire. fin-EASY is NOT his name. It's Fin-is-HE. That should never happen in a Big Ten arena. 
  • MY TWO CENTS: Indiana was a "Last Four In''  team before the game in the ESPN bracketology, will probably be a "Last Four Out'' afterward. With four of five games on the road, this team needs to find a way to turn this stuff around away from Bloomington. They're just awful every night.  This will make it 1-7 on the road now in the Big Ten, and 0-6 in games they were supposed to lose as underdogs. They stick to the script, that's for sure. 
  • Those 18 points for De'Ron Davis are now a career high. He's 9-for-9 from the field. Hoosiers trail by 21. He had 17 points once as a sophomore.
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