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Jeff Brohm Says Purdue is Preparing to Play Indiana This Week

Purdue coach Jeff Brohm spoke with the media on Monday to give an update on his team.

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — After the Old Oaken Bucket game was canceled last week due to COVID-19 at both Purdue and Indiana, the Big Ten is giving the programs a chance to play the game again this weekend.

The Big Ten's "crossover" event, which in theory would feature Indiana versus Iowa, wasn't exactly the direct crossover that was described at the beginning of the season.

It makes sense that Indiana and Purdue will play one another this weekend, though, especially because there's still uncertainty if either team will be able to play.

On Monday, Purdue head coach Jeff Brohm met with the media to discuss preparing for the game this week.

"Today we're gonna be limited in some of the things we can do," Brohm said.

He said the team will have masks on the field, with social-distancing conditioning. Then, they will do a walk-through with masks on as well.

"The situation is what it is," Brohm said. "We've been preparing virtually with meetings."

Brohm was asked if he would have to move personnel around for the game with Indiana, and his answer was "without question."

He couldn't give out specifics about what players or staff members had COVID-19, and he also couldn't say what percentage of his team had it, but the Boilermakers were in a good enough spot to be limited for some in-person activities on Monday.

"Right now, we're preparing to play, and we're letting the medical experts decide," Brohm said.

The last time his team was practicing together was the Sunday after the Nebraska game, which would've been Dec. 6.

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Both Purdue and Indiana paused all team-related activities on Tuesday, Dec. 8.

"We're gonna do our part to try to make that happen," Brohm said on playing this week. "Every week is different. This is where we're at right now, and we'll deal with that."

Most of the questions were related to COVID-19, where Brohm couldn't give much details, but he did take a few questions about Indiana and how to game plan for them.

Brohm's biggest concern with the Hoosiers is their defense.

"They've done a very good job this year," Brohm said. "Their defense has been lights out... They've won some big games this year, and they're riding a lot of confidence."

As for the offense, Brohm said Jack Tuttle does a good job of taking care of the ball.

"This QB knows who his playmakers are, so we gotta step up and take them away and get pressure on the quarterback," he said.

The game between Indiana and Purdue is slated for Friday at 7:30 p.m. ET in Bloomington.

According to an Indiana spokesperson, "all team-related activities remain paused and we continue to work with our Medical Advisory Group as to when we can return."

Sports Illustrated Indiana will continue to provide updates on the status of Friday's game.

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