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As of publication of this article, Homefield Apparel has FINALLY lived up to it's nickname. "The Good Brand" has released the BEST lineup of vintage college apparel, pulling from five different historical logos that have been used by Kansas Athletics.

Let's be upfront here (even with the disclaimers all over the place) and say that this is a sponsored post. That means we here at Blue Wings Rising were compensated for this specific article. But as you will see below, we were all excited enough for this release that we probably would have talked about it anyway.

I can truly attest to just how comfortable the apparel is and how great the vintage logos are. I currently own 8 shirts from Homefield, with an eclectic assortment of gear from the Delaware, Iowa State, UC Irvine, BYU and more, all because the logos were THAT amazing. And I probably wear the shirts way too often, but they really are that comfortable.

If it seems like I'm excited, that's because I am. I personally have made way too many pleas to Homefield and the KU Athletic Department for this line, and when I finally heard it was coming, I couldn't wait to talk about it with everyone. And if you look at the reaction throughout Twitter, this is highly anticipated among Kansas fans as well.

If you missed the buildup throughout the week, I jumped on a Twitter Spaces with Homefield earlier this week where we educated Connor at Homefield about Kansas, and he shared how they came up with the lineup.

But in case you weren't sufficiently hyped, I had some of the staff here at Blue Wings Rising point out their favorite shirts in the lineup. Here are our favorites:

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Want to celebrate the launch with us? Come join us on the Blue Wings Rising Discord Server and join the conversation!

Editor's Note: The following article is a sponsored post. While all opinions expressed by the staff of Blue Wings Rising are their own, they have received compensation for the reviews that have been included here.