Father Of Kansas Commit David McComb Breaks Down His Son's Personality And On-Field Ability

Father of David McComb breaks down his son on and off the field with Blue Wings Rising

David McComb is a Kansas football quarterback commit. He plays high school ball at Memorial High School in Edmond, Oklahoma. He is a four-star prospect.

He recently chatted with me to talk more about Kansas. Look below.

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Following our conversation I spoke with his father Kyle who is also his high school coach to get a whole different perspective on McComb and his ability as he is the 2025 quarterback commit and signal caller for the Jayhawks.

“I’d say he is not an average athlete, he is exceptional and does well at anything athletic that he tries,” Kyle stated to Blue Wings Rising. “Obviously seeing him grow up and watching him play multiple sports, we knew from a young age that he was physically gifted. I’ve often told people football was his third best sport, but the one he loves the most. Right now, he is throwing discus - his first season ever, and he is a top-ten thrower in the state already. He is extremely passionate about football, and has bought into all the stuff that comes along with being great… Nutrition, training, studying film and the game itself.”

He recognized his son’s best traits on the field.

“Toughness, love for his team, and competitiveness. David has played through a lot of adversity on the field physically and it hasn’t slowed him down a bit. He never quits fighting until the last play and will do whatever he can to help his team win. His love for his team comes from his faith more than anything else. He is a servant leader yet is strong in how he challenges his teammates. He is highly competitive and hates to lose, not just football… ping pong, madden… all the small things.”

Diving deeper into his leadership Kyle states, “He leads best by example right now, but over the off-season he has become more vocal. He has high expectations of himself so he holds people to higher standards like being on time, showing up, and doing what you are supposed to.”

I was a bit curious about David McComb not only as a player but as a person. Kyle provided us with details.

“He is goofy, especially with his youngest little brother. He started golfing last year and loves doing that when he can and he is also starting to get into fishing. Love watching MMA with his friends and spending time with his girlfriend.”

“I trusted David’s evaluation. It was on the drive home from our first visit last June that he told me he wanted to commit. I was surprised because his recruitment was just starting to pick up, but David is a no fluff let’s get to work kind of guy. He saw that in the coaches, and also felt like they truly cared. David values that a lot. He loves his family and his team and I know he has found that in KU.”

It is no secret that the Jayhawks went out and got Isaiah Marshall. Kyle McComb talked about what David and Marshall could do together.

“Competition is the key to success as a team. I believe KU is primed to take over the BIG 12 and make the playoffs for years to come. It is going to take both of them sacrificing for the team, battling for the lead, and also supporting each other in the process.”

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