Chris Mack Tweets Statement Following George Floyd & Breonna Taylor Protests

In a statement, Louisville men's basketball head coach Chris Mack says that he hopes that "we can play a part in helping to heal an entire community we proudly represent."

On Sunday, Louisville men's basketball head coach Chris Mack issued a statement via Twitter following the nationwide protests in response to the death of George Floyd, and the local protests in response to the death of Breonna Taylor.

His statement reads as follows:

What an incredibly sad time in our country. The fact we are more than 200 years old as a country and can't figure it out is incomprehensible. Basketball has always broken down stereotypes, especially within the confines of a team. On a team you learn one another, push one another, support one another and love one another. Sadly, not everyone gets to experience a togetherness like that of a college basketball team. But life outside the locker room and off the court looks and feels different for most of my players. That isn't something new - it was like that when I played years ago too. I knew it then and I know it now.

Who could watch George Floyd die on the street and not think 'What in the hell is wrong with people?' I just can't comprehend that kind of treatment to anyone. It feels like our country is going backwards.

I've never experienced anything like some of the players I coach experience. To get pulled over by a policeman only aggravates me, it's an inconvenience. It's never made me fear for my life. It shouldn't do that to anyone. But yet here we still are. I pray that our country can change.

On Monday, our team gets to Louisville for the first time since the abrupt ending of our season. I'm looking forward to listening to my players, their fears, their stories, their advice. I hope that we can play a part in helping to heal an entire community we proudly represent.

Floyd was an unarmed black man who died while being arrested by white police officers in Minneapolis, MN. Taylor was a black woman who was shot and killed inside her home by the Louisville Metro Police Department following a "no-knock" search warrant.

Football head coach Scott Satterfield also tweeted a statement on Saturday, as did women's basketball head coach Jeff Walz in conjunction with team captains Dana Evans & Kianna Smith. They are some of the latest in a line of Louisville Cardinals players and coaches who have taken to social media to express their feelings about the ongoing events at home and around the nation.

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