Dwayne Ledford backs Scott Satterfield's message


“That’s my head coach.”

When Scott Satterfield criticized leadership of conferences that canceled the 2020 college football season, Louisville offensive coordinator Dwayne Ledford reacted in admiration.

In his second season at Louisville, Ledford was proud of Satterfield’s response as uncertainty surrounds this fall.

“Coach Satt is a great leader of men,” Ledford said. “He has always been transparent about everything and he gives everybody a voice, he listens.”

Satterfield expressed his displeasure of decision makers around the country Aug. 10 as plans surrounding sports change due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“Some of the leadership in some of these leagues and conferences are lacking in the fact that when we set a place, this is what we’re moving forward with, then let’s stick to it until we don’t need to stick to it anymore,” Satterfield said. “That’s the frustrating part.”

Ledford said student athletes have worked hard to follow protocols put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19.

Ledford has supported players as frustration builds with uncertainty of the 2020 season.

“When you start tying in the things out there that deal with the emotions of players that’s hard,” Ledford said. “When the kids are letting that affect them and you come in and see that, it’s hard.”

The coaching staff and players at Louisville have shared support for the University’s leadership during the pandemic. The football team has had four players tested positive for COVID-19 since June 8.

Ledford says the team is doing their part of make sure the 2020 season is possible.

He is appreciative of the support from Louisville’s head coach.

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