Louisville stressing precautions after surge in COVID-19 cases


Louisville football has been dedicated to precautionary measures intended to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

While 29 student athletes testing positive for COVID-19 this week following an off-campus party, Louisville football players were negative.

Defensive back Anthony Johnson says players take necessary precautions and avoid contact from people outside of the team.

“Our training staff does a really good job trying to contain us and keep us from exposure,” Johnson said. “At the end of the day, it is on us.”

Louisville’s athletic facilities have become the safest place to some players.

“I feel more safe in the stadium with all the precautions we are taking than outside in the real world,” receiver Dez Fitzpatrick said. “In the stadium, everyone has a mask on, the custodians have masks on, the food workers, the coaches, the trainers.”

Student athletes at Louisville take weekly COVID-19 tests.

When the surge of cases occurred at Louisville, defensive coordinator Bryan Brown said it helped to remind players to stay focused on the precautionary measures.

“Continue to do the things that we have been doing,” Brown said. “Stressing the social distancing, making sure they wear their masks in here every single day.

“We are doing the right thing as far as social distancing. That’s what we need in order to combat this virus and try to continue to play football this season.”

Wide receivers coach Gunter Brewer uses examples of how quickly COVID-19 can spread to players.

“You see what can happen with one little incident, it can spread like wildfire,” Brewer said. “They can shut you down, you have to be careful.”