Results aid recruiting Scott Satterfield and Louisville staff


Scott Satterfield and his staff don’t have to sell a dream anymore.

Louisville football completed its resurgence in Satterfield’s first year as the program’s head coach with a victory in the Music City Bowl over Mississippi State to cap an eight-win season. The coaching staff has more confidence in recruiting after Louisville finished second in the ACC Atlantic Division with five wins and solidified some of the vision discussed with recruits.

“Nobody gave us a chance to win eight (games) or anything close to that,” Satterfield said. “Now when you go into these high schools, you aren’t selling a dream. You have something tangible.”

Satterfield said Louisville can talk to higher profile recruits because of the first-year success. Satterfield was named ACC Coach of Year after Louisville rebounded from a 2-10 record in 2018.

Louisville had 21 players committed before its season opener against Notre Dame in 2019. Recruiting becomes easier with results.

“That was really hard last spring and summer when you hadn’t won an ACC game,” Satterfield said. “All we could do was say what we could do at App State, they don’t want to hear that, they want to know what you have done at this level. Now we can go show them that.”

The initial success has peaked players’ interests. Louisville hosted more than 50 recruits in January. Satterfield expects Louisville to get talented players, but still looks for the right kind of recruit for his program.

“We are still looking for fit as a player,” Satterfield said. “I don’t care if they have 75 offers or have five offers. If they have exactly what we need, then that’s who we are going to go after.”