Louisville Football Players & Coaches Support "#WeWantToPlay" Social Media Movement

Members of the Louisville Football program are lending their voice to the #WeWantToPlay movement after reports surfaced that the 2020 college football season could be postponed this week.
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The 2020 college football season is in jeopardy, and members of the Louisville Football program are lending their voices in an attempt to salvage it.

On Sunday, sources told Sports Illustrated that high-level conference meetings are being planned for this week across the college football landscape - with the expected resolution of postponing fall sports until 2021.

As a result of the report, hundreds of college football players across the nation took to social media to let their voices be heard on the matter - accompanied by the hashtag "#WeWantToPlay". Soon, most of the Cards were quick to contribute to the cause as well.

Some players such as wide receiver Tutu Atwell and quarterback Micale Cunningham echoed their desire to have everyone work together and come up with a plan.

"Lets come up with plan don’t matter what it is anything just something so we can all play the game that we love," Atwell tweeted. Cunningham followed that up by also tweeting: "We have put in way to much work to just throw it all away !! LETS COME UP WITH A PLAN"

Others chimed in by saying how much safer they felt around their program than in the outside world, a sentiment echoed by redshirt senior wide receiver Dez Fitzpatrick earlier this week in fall camp.

Senior safety CJ Avery said in a tweet that "Being around my teammates & this staff is 100% the best thing for all of us," with quarterback Evan Conley also tweeting that "(Director of Sports Medicine Matt Summer and his staff) are equipped to keep us in the safest possible environment any college kid across the country will be in."

Even coaches got in on the matter. RB coach Norval McKenzie said in a tweet that "Our guys have adhered to the protocols! They’ve busted their butts to be in a position to play," with TE coach Stu Holt reiterating that stance by tweeting "Our players & staff have adjusted to new protocols & worked extremely hard for this season - proud of their effort & focus!"

Below is a sampling tweets made by members of the program supporting "#WeWantToPlay":

WR Tutu Atwell:

QB Micale Cunningham:

RB Javian Hawkins:

S CJ Avery:

QB Evan Conley:

QB Tee Webb:

OLB Trenell Troutman:

RB Hassan Hall:

DE Dayna Kinnard:

OG Robbie Bell:

OT Adonis Boone:

OG Cole Bentley:

S Russ Yeast:

OG Caleb Chandler:

S Lovie Jenkins:

OLB Yasir Abdullah:

OLB Zay Peterson:

ILB Monty Montgomery:

TE Ean Pfeifer:

DE YaYa Diaby:

OLB Marvin Dallas:

RB Aidan Robbins:

S Jack Fagot:

S Isaiah Hayes:

WR Braden Smith:

RB Coach Norval McKenzie:

TE Coach Stu Holt:

Strength & Conditioning Coach Mike Siriginano:

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