Florida Athlete Breaks Down Top Five


Palmetto Ridge (FL) athlete Kamonte Grimes released his top five on Friday as Kentucky, Maryland, Miami, Michigan and Nebraska made the cut. It’s been a top group that he’s known for a while now despite only visiting Miami, but the attention on the trail helped separate his suitors as he inches towards a decision.

“I’ve only been to Miami, I’m familiar with Maryland and I’ve heard a lot about Michigan because one of my coaches is really close with the whole staff,” Grimes told All Terrapins. Michigan is the lone school to recruit the 6-foot-3, 210-pound prospect on the defensive side of the ball and the pursuit from defensive coordinator Don Brown has made it clear to Grimes that he’s a priority. “They’re definitely pushing hard. All five of these schools have shown me the most love in my recruitment, but Michigan is definitely pushing hard. I can tell they want me bad,” Grimes said. “Plus, I’m talking with coach (Don) Brown, coach (Michael) Zordich just about every day, every other day if not every day. It feels good just to know that of all the guys they’re recruiting, I’m one of the guys they’re recruiting hardest.”

Grimes last visit to Miami came in January just days before the Canes brought in Rob Likens in as the new wide receivers coach, but his visit to campus gave him a chance to see direction heading into year until under head coach Manny Diaz. “I was there actually a couple of days before coach Likens got there because he’s the one that offered me afterwards. I got a chance to see the new guys, meet the offensive coordinator and see how their new offense is.”

The connection to Maryland gives him a sense of familiarity as Grimes was born and raised in Baltimore until he moved to Florida when he was nine. The offer from Maryland last April helped spark the interest in the hometown program as running backs coach Elijah Brooks illustrates the offensive fit. “We’ve been talking a lot of football, how they’ll use me and what the offensive scheme is like. I’m a big receiver, he’s one of the guys that likes me at receiver so in terms of my size and ball skills, getting in and out of brakes and my routes, that’s what he likes most about my game. They do a good job of making sure I’m comfortable and coach (Elijah) Brooks just knows what I want to play in terms of offense versus defense.”

The Terps also have another angle in their favor. “I did research on their medical program and they’re ranked 34 nationally, so that was definitely one of the things that stood out. Not only to mention that it’s my hometown state.”

Kentucky jumped into the mix after co-offensive coordinator Darin Hinshaw offered back in January, while the April offer from Nebraska intrigues Grimes. “They’re both looking at me as a big receiver. Nebraska has two guys like me that are already on their roster and they have two commits, but they said they were willing to hold a spot for a guy like me at receiver so that meant a lot.”

Grimes is among the uncommitted prospects keeping an eye on the NCAA’s decision for official visits this fall as he remains patient through the process.

“Those will probably be my five officials unless something else comes up. Now it’s about getting on campus, getting on these official visits and see these campuses so that I can narrow down more and make this decision.”

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