Michigan Fans And Media React To MSU Loss

Michigan State fans, media and even Tom Izzo seemed insulted about being asked to play in a play-in game and now they're going home.
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Michigan State did have some nice wins down the stretch of the regular season. They beat three top-5 opponents over the course of their last few games and looked to be figuring some things out heading into the postseason. Then they lost to Maryland in the Big Ten Tournament and now they're going home after losing to UCLA in one of the First Four games.

When Michigan State was assigned to a play-in game, Tom Izzo didn't necessarily complain, but he did what he does — got his message across in a way that let's you know he isn't happy.

“Was I surprised? Yeah I was surprised,” Izzo said of his team being in a play-in game. “I’m not disappointed, because I’ve been through so much here over the years. I’m not going to be upset about a play-in game, but I think our conference and league office should be, because I think it doesn’t serve what this conference did this year well.”

Spartan fans and local media thought it was a slap in the face but after losing to UCLA in overtime, there's no way to argue it now. Of course, Michigan fans and media members are having a great time with MSU's early exit even though it didn't officially happen until well after midnight.

And finally, if you're a Michigan fan you probably know all about Scott Bell. Here are some highlights from the biggest thorn in Michigan State's side.