Brady, Woodson, Shoelace And More: Michigan Football Honors The Greats

The Michigan Football program has found a cool way to honor some of the best to ever wear the winged helmet.
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There's no question that the University of Michigan football program has fielded some of the best athletes to ever play the game of football. Guys like Brady, Woodson and Howard are not only household names for Michigan football fans, they're household names for football fans period.

Over the last couple of weeks, images have started to surface showing how Michigan is honoring some of those former greats - and it's awesome.


It must be a special feeling walking through these displays as a college football recruit, getting a real sense of just how much big-time talent has come through the University of Michigan. The greatest NFL player of all-time, arguably the greatest cornerback in NFL history, first-round NFL Draft picks, Pro Bowlers, All-Americans and NCAA record breakers.

Though Michigan has certainly struggled over the last two decades to reclaim the top spot within the Big Ten conference, there's absolutely no question that the football program continues to produce some of the top talent in the nation.