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TE Erick All Redeemed Himself In Michigan's Week 1 Victory

Michigan TE Erick All spoke about his ability to bounce back from a bad drop in U-M's Week 1 win.
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Filling in for injured tight end Nick Eubanks, U-M sophomore Erick All had his opportunity to shine in a few big moments against Minnesota on Saturday. Although All dropped a would be touchdown in the middle of the third quarter, Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh showed confidence in the young player by going right back to him on the next play. 

When Joe Milton found All in the flats, the Wolverine immediately made up for his prior transgression. All broke a couple tackles and ended up with a 27 yard gain, one which situated Michigan with less than 10 yards to go for a touchdown. The Wolverines eventually punched the ball in, so All ultimately made up for his earlier mistake.

Two days after that performance, All spoke with the media about how Harbaughs confidence and trust went a long way. Especially with Eubanks out, having a trusted tight end in All was key to Miltons success, and he proved his worth in a big game during Week 1.

What do you think of Erick All's performance in Week 1? How did the team look without Eubanks out there? Let us know!

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