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Discussing The Beef Between Jim Harbaugh And Ryan Day

We know about the historic rivalry between Michigan and Ohio State, but what about a new development between Jim Harbaugh and Ryan Day?

Earlier this week, on a coaches-only conference call with all of the Big Ten coaches, Jim Harbaugh reportedly called out Ohio State and head coach Ryan Day for breaking rules. Day reportedly fired back and told Harbaugh to stay in his lane, which only adds more fuel to the fire that already exists between the two programs.

There are quite a few layers to this. One layer, is that Ohio State is bending and perhaps breaking rules, which obviously wouldn't be anything new. Another, is that Harbaugh is speaking out against those who choose to break the rules, which also isn't anything new. The problem with that, is that Harbaugh has gotten destroyed by Ohio State during the last two seasons and is currently 0-5 overall against the Buckeyes. Because of those two facts, his whistle blowing comes off as sour grapes and, quite frankly, being a baby.

Whichever side of the rivalry you fall on, you probably like this. Harbaugh calling OSU out for cheating, Day telling Harbaugh to pound sand because so far he owns him. There's definitely trash talk ammunition for both camps to use as the Oct. 24 showdown approaches, but it'll come down to what happens on the field. Unfortunately for Michigan fans, that's been rather one sided for nearly 20 years.

Brendan Gulick of broke down the squabble and more with Sports Illustrated's John Garcia, which makes it feel like football is almost here.

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