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JJ McCarthy Makes The Difficult Look Very Simple

Former Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy has helped himself in many ways since winning the national championship back in early-January.

Don't let the haters fool you, JJ McCarthy is an elite quarterback and it's going to play out that way on draft day next month. 

Sure, McCarthy was the quarterback of a run-first, defensively elite team but he did every single thing necessary to elevate the offense and make big plays in key moments throughout the course of an entire season. If you go back to his true freshman season, along with his last two years as a starter, you can find NFL throw after NFL throw. When you add in the fact that he's extremely athletic and elite when it comes to intangibles and work ethic, you have the making of a franchise quarterback. 

Sure, Michigan State and Ohio State fans, and other random haters, want to try to tear McCarthy down because he didn't throw the ball as much as guys like Caleb Williams, Drake Maye and Jayden Daniels, but the proof is in the film. There isn't a throw that McCarthy can't make and there isn't an athletic feat that he can't do on the field. Plus, he's a winner. All of that adds up to a top-ten pick.

In the video above, ESPN's Dan Orlovsky breaks down a few of McCarthy's more impressive throws and explains why they translate to the next level.