Josh Gattis Taking Heat For Pro-Ohio State Tweets

Michigan offensive coordinator Josh Gattis has been under fire since tweeting out some thoughts in favor of the Buckeyes.
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Michigan offensive coordinator Josh Gattis took to Twitter earlier today to express his feelings on Ohio State winning the Big Ten, receiving a playoff bid and going through as much or more than any program in the country.

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And now he's being destroyed for it.

The tweet immediately started making the rounds on Twitter and Michigan fans were furious about it. Since then, Gattis has deleted the tweet and locked his account because as we all know, Twitter can be a brutal place.

But seriously, what was Gattis thinking?

On some levels, understand what he's doing. He's going to bat for his conference and the overall perception of what's going on in the Big Ten. He's also, in a roundabout way, trying to explain why Michigan had the season it just had. That angle feels more like excuse making, but that's kind of become the norm lately.

Even if you agree with Gattis and think Ohio State absolutely should be in the playoff, which I do, you simply can't do this right now. Michigan is coming off an embarrassing 2-4 season, missed its last three games in controversial fashion and has no direction under Jim Harbaugh in an expiring contract situation. Michigan fans don't want to hear one of their coaches, who's on the hot seat himself, supporting Ohio State and making underhanded excuses. 

One reason you can't do this is because there's no way anyone on Ohio State's staff would ever do the same type of thing. Ryan Day corrects reporters when they utter the word "Michigan" and they literally go around campus and remove all of the "Ms" from buildings, signs and the like.

You also don't need to inject any positive energy or publicity into a program that's dominating you in every possible way. Pumping them up on Twitter is a drop in the bucket when it comes to why OSU is better and pulling away, but they don't need any help. They're dominating Michigan on the recruiting trail, field and in the news. Gattis doesn't need to add to it.

In the grand scheme of things surrounding Michigan football, this is a small story. It's not a huge deal and it's not something that's going to boost Ohio State up even higher, but it's just unnecessary. And if you don't like or agree with me, look at how it was handled. Gattis almost immediately deleted the tweet and locked his account. He messed up and he knows it. It doesn't affect his ability to do his job, it's not going to hurt the bottom line, but it's just dumb. Period.