A Retroactive Look At The Donovan Edwards Decision, Recruiting The State Of Ohio

Hindsight is always 20/20, but foresight on Donovan Edwards was also spot on. A look at that and why recruiting the state of Ohio isn't and shouldn't be a priority.
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A day before West Bloomfield (Mich.) High running back Donovan Edwards was set to make his decision, I did my best to explain why I thought it was going to be Michigan. I wasn't supremely confident, but after covering recruiting for almost a decade, I've learned to read the signs pretty well. It obviously played out how I thought it would, and Edwards is now a Wolverine, but I was definitely concerned with Georgia down the stretch.

Landing top in-state players like Edwards is extremely important for programs and that's why I don't think Michigan should focus much on the state of Ohio. The Buckeyes are dominant right now and literally get anyone they want from their own home state. It's just not going to pay off for Michigan to try to get the top players in the state, because they'll go to Ohio State if given the chance, and the leftovers just aren't going to be good enough to beat Ohio State. It's not a popular opinion, but it's one I believe given the state of the two programs right now.