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CBS Projects Hutchinson As The No. 2 Overall Selection By The Detroit Lions In Latest Mock Draft

Michigan's Aidan Hutchinson is starting to emerge as a future first round pick.

Michigan Football fans are likely going to love the latest 2022 NFL Mock Draft released by CBS Sports earlier this afternoon. 

Described as a 'rising defensive star', Michigan's Aidan Hutchinson is projected to be the No. 2 overall pick in the 2022 draft - selected by none other than the Detroit Lions. Though most Michigan fans would likely prefer to see Aidan land with a more successful franchise, the idea of keeping No. 97 in Detroit for the foreseeable future is appealing to say the least.

Here's what the folks at CBS had to say about the projection for Hutchinson:

"Hutchinson is a box-checker at the edge rusher position. Size, strength, burst, flexibility and hand work of an NFL veteran. The Lions have to build out their defensive front."

Though he's only two games into his senior season, Hutchinson's incredible athleticism has been on full display. The 6-6, 265 pound freak athlete currently leads the Wolverine defense with 3.5 sacks through the first two weeks and looks every bit as good as advertised. As arguably the top defensive end in the nation, Hutchinson's name is starting to emerge as a future first round pick.

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While Aidan has certainly proven himself to be every bit the football player his father was, he's yet to experience a win against Ohio State or even a shot at the Big Ten championship - something he says has left him with a feeling of unfulfillment.

Speaking with Jon Jansen on the In The Trenches podcast this week, Hutchinson discussed just how important this final year at Michigan is for him on a personal level.

"I want to win a Big Ten championship. That's something that I haven't achieved here at Michigan. I feel like it's incomplete," he said. "Obviously, you can make all the plays you want. You can make all the sacks, TFLs, but you don't have a ring? There's a feeling of unfulfillment there, in my mind at least, so that's one thing, and I want to beat Ohio State. Hands down, those are the two things that I care about the most, and I think if I play well this season, and we beat Ohio State, and we win the Big Ten championship, that will fulfill my legacy."

Following the 2020 season, there was plenty of uncertainty surrounding Hutchinson's decision to remain at Michigan or to declare for the NFL Draft. Ultimately, the combination of some unfinished business and a season-ending injury led Hutchinson back to Ann Arbor, a decision he says was the right one.

"It really means everything, and looking at it now, in hindsight, I think it was the best decision I could have made," Hutchinson said. "For my own growth and development as a football player, as a person, get more mature, continue to develop my leadership. I think that was something big that I've learned."