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He Stays!



Michigan State Athletics Director Mark Hollis:


“Coach Izzo is more than a basketball coach. He positively impacts everything he touches, much of which is outside the job description of coaching basketball. With traits such as hard work, dedication, perseverance and attention to detail, he’s a symbol of what we should possess as we work together for the financial recovery of our great state. During difficult times, the people of our state turn our focus to these kinds of people…Joe Louis, Al Kaline, Barry Sanders, Bo Schembechler, Steve Yzerman, Magic Johnson and Tom Izzo. Coach Izzo is a natural resource of the state of Michigan.


“Over the past week, Coach Izzo addressed a personal opportunity that he did not seek out. He owed it to himself to completely understand, evaluate, reflect and come to a conclusion that will be part of his life forever. And we owed it to him to allow this process to happen. Throughout the process, his heart was always at MSU.


“I’d like to thank the students, alumni and fans of Michigan State University for their concerns and thoughts. This has been and anxious process for everyone and their support and patience was much appreciated by everyone.


“It’s now time to turn our attention to the future. This is not a time to rest, but to improve. I know Coach Izzo is committed to pursuing championships and improving not only his own basketball program, but also the entire athletic department and Michigan State University. It’s that Team MSU attitude that truly makes him our special coach.”


Michigan State Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Izzo:


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“It’s been an agonizing week as I tried to make a decision about a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I apologize for the time the process has taken, but sometimes there are opportunities that come about that must be thoroughly examined. I’m no different than any other successful coach in that I’ve had multiple inquiries before, but this one was uniquely intriguing. There was a lot of information to gather and consider and some of it wasn’t easily obtainable. But when making a life decision, I owed it to myself and my family to do my due diligence. From that I never wavered. And I’m pleased to say I am here for life at Michigan State.


“Throughout the entire process, Dan Gilbert and the entire Cleveland organization has been nothing but class. His professionalism and caring nature for me, my family and Michigan State have been impressive. I wish him nothing but the best in his quest to win a world championship. Just as I decided to stay home, I hope a 6-8, 270-pound forward in Cleveland decides to stay home.


“We have a great team returning next year with incredibly high goals. I’ve repeatedly said I have greater goals for our program and that remains unchanged. Tops on that list is becoming one of just seven schools with three or more NCAA Championships. I’m also driven to continue to raise the perception of our program to an elite level.


“The entire Michigan State community has been terrific. I’m almost embarrassed by some of the acts of support, but I’m certainly touched. I tried to approach this decision in a rational manner, but my heart was always at MSU.


“My goals are not limited to Spartan basketball. I want to do whatever I can to make our entire athletic department and university better. Most important is helping Mark Dantonio and his football team attain its goal of winning a Big Ten Championship and playing in the Rose Bowl.”


Michigan State President Lou Anna K. Simon:

“I personally want to thank the many people who expressed their faith in and support of Tom through spontaneous grassroots appeals. I also want to acknowledge the great leadership of Mark Hollis throughout the process.


“Tom’s integral role and respect at MSU earned him the right to take the necessary time to reach his decision. Like others, I wanted the good news earlier, but the wait was worth it. Tom did what Tom does best: he devised a rigorous and thorough game plan that put him, his family, and this university in the best position to win. His decision is a winner for all of Team MSU, the state of Michigan, college basketball, and intercollegiate athletics in general.”