Find out who I thought hit it hard or missed miserably in sports in the past month.

Miss – Oakland Raiders Owner Al Davis

               If I don’t speak for all of us, I think ex-Raider Warren Sapp would. Al, you’ve hung your former coach Lane Kiffin out to dry like no other player, coach or team executive has ever done. Did I mention he probably wasn’t even the main reason you’re team is terrible? I’m actually quite certain, judging from Mr. Sapp’s comments that you have more to do with the decades of failure than Coach Kiffin’s 4 game tenure.

Hit – Columnist Gene Wojciechowski

           �� Â Â Â In a recent article he blasts the over extended celebration that plagues Major League teams after they clinch a division title. While I certainly can’t complain for celebrating 162 games of hard work and dedication, I can complain with popping Champaign like you’ve won the World Series. Wojciechowski’s article hits it on the head. If you don’t agree, go talk to the Division winning Cubs and Angels, teams with the two best records in baseball. If you need them, they should be at your local golf course.

Miss – ESPN’s Fantasy Football Coverage

               Okay, I get it. Fantasy has become the largest fan participation activity in sports. But ESPN has exploited it for some time, but it’s gone too far. A few Sundays ago, I was watching Sunday Countdown and I’m watching stats scroll across the screen of what they think will happen. Are you kidding me? I can understand you telling me to play Reggie Bush this week, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how you tell me he’s going to have 13 rushes for 72 yards and 3 receptions for 39 yards and a touchdown. Oh that’s right, you’ll figure out anyway to exploit something when it’s going well, but just enough to make fans want to gag. Give it up. I’ll listen to your advice but don’t project stats 2 hours before game time because it’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

Hit – Spartan Nation’s Announcement of Spartan Nation the Magazine.  

               This was a huge announcement that will change the way Spartan fans get the latest in MSU athletics. Hondo, you’ve really outdone yourself with this one; and everyone really appreciates that. This will be a “hit” for years to come, and I’m excited to see the first issue. Judging by the responses on the Message Board, I think everyone else in Spartan Nation is just as excited.

Hit – Spartan Nation Fans

               After a couple of years of hard times on the football field, the Spartan Nation fan base is back in full effect. Not just in football, but the last couple of years specifically have drawn national attention to sports programs across the board. From the Izzone Campouts that continue to grow, to hockey National Championships, and just about every sport at MSU, you truly show why being a Spartan is better than anything else in the sporting world. Take a minute to support all sports at MSU, they’re truly world class student-athletes. A special shout out goes to all of the Spartan fans who helped the Women’s Volleyball team break the MSU attendance record at the Breslin Center.

Attention: As a special thanks to all of the support at Spartan Nation, and as a little more fuel to the Ohio State fire that’s brewing, Koci’s Conundrums would like to set up a little pre-game challenge:

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It’s totally free, and open to any and all who’d like to participate. If we have more than one correct answer, we will draw a name for a winner. Predictions must be made prior to kickoff. Good Luck to all. Click here to let me know you’re hits and misses and predict the score for your chance to win FREE SPARTAN NATION apparel.