It was and old fashioned brouhaha at the Breslin baby! MSU accomplishes history!

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It was and old fashioned brouhaha at the Breslin baby!

That’s right. The team that was much maligned accomplished something that no other MSU team had ever done before: beat a #1 team at home. Think about that. It all the great and illustrious history of MSU no MSU team has ever accomplished that, well until now!

Izzo had tears in his eyes when he and I were getting swarmed on the court and he told me “you know Hondo there really isn’t anything to say other (pause) this was special. I am so proud of this team, and these fans. What a night!” Amen Tom.

With a crowd that from start to finish was as good as any in history, the green seats had their Geritol and the Izzone was outFREAKINGstanding. It was so loud that deafening was the only good way to describe it and a old lady gave me a huge hug after the game with tears in her eyes and said “I am more proud of this team then any other in all my years as a fan and I am 87 Hondo.”

Chris Allen told me after the game “this is why I am coming here Hondo. I am telling you this is why.” We both were overjoyed and I reminded him to tell Roe (a very high ranking recruit that Izzo craves and is a close friend of Allen) to which he responded, “I am all over that. He will hear about this. We have a lot more of that coming.” With a big smile!

The Spartans defense did everything in the world to test the Badgers and they simply couldn’t pass this exam at least. I am not a fool (O.K. some of you think I am but that is another story) but this win for this team was great.

Bo Ryan was in my opinion his usual cocky self. When I asked him about the crowd he said to me “did they score a point? Did they play defense or get a rebound?” Well Bo yes they did. The Spartans are a good team that lacks a lot of things. You have so much talent that in reality it shouldn’t have happened. That crowd was the sixth man and they may not show up in the stats column for the Spartans but they do in yours: L!

MSU’s stifling defense held the Badgers to 35% shooting and the Spartans had a huge night with a 17-rebound advantage. Walton was 3 rebounds from a triple double and Drew Naymick played All American type defense and of course the Captain Drew Neitzel went off for 28 but the MVP was Izzo. A masterful game plan that was out of this world and a coaching job that made a man with more talent (Ryan) look like an AAU want to be. Izzo stayed to his plan and the Badgers were confused and frustrated.

I said before the season that if this team made the NCAA tournament that this would be Izzo’s best coaching job. Well, they are in and it is. Tonight was magical. A time none of us will forget, and I for one am so proud. Proud of this team, these fans, the coaches, just the whole Spartan Nation.

My son had a sign in the crowd tonight that said, “Bo knows hair grease.” He was right because tonight he sure didn’t know coaching, or winning for that matter.Â