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Izzone drops hip-hop night!

Izzone drops hip-hop night!

The Izzone had originally decided to celebrate Tuesday’s big game with UM by declaring hip-hop night at the Breslin. Thankfully they have rethought that idea and decided to change directions.

Whether it was the recent controversies surrounding other school having similar celebrations or simply realizing that it was stupid idea to begin with they intelligently changed directions. They now will have a Spartan spirit celebration instead and that is much more appropriate.Â

At anytime but especially against your arch-rival any celebration other then the glory of the Spartan Nation is absurd and I am very proud of the Izzone for getting this right.

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So many people rip them when they are wrong, but to me they are the best student section in the nation (and as the only local TV station in Michigan that goes to all the road games I feel most qualified to call them that) and when they get it right say it. They have picked it up and have been outstanding since the second half against Illinois here.

Keep up the great work Izzone your still number one in my book!


Thanks to Scott for sending me the link above.