Kevin Thomas Tells us his Keys to the Memphis Game

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Memphis Scouting report and keys to the game:

1. Joey Dorsey:
         Strengths: Can take over a game with offensive rebounding, put backs,
                        defensive rebounding, and blocks shots.
         Strategy: Must box him off the offensive glass and keep him away from the

2. Robert Dozier:
         Strengths: Low post finisher, also likes to hit offensive glass to get tip ins and
                         rebounds, like Dorsey--a good shot-blocker.
         Strategy: Again, must box him off the offensive glass and take him away from paint
                       on defensive end.

3. C. Douglas-Roberts:
         Strengths: Penetration to rim and offensive rebounds.
         Strategy: Do not allow guard dribble penetration, stay between man and basket.

4. Derrick Rose:
         Strengths: Great dribble penetration, passing, gets guys involved.
         Strategy: Stop dribble penetration, use hands in passing lanes.

5. Willie Kemp:
         Strengths: Great defender, passer, and can bury 3-point shot well.
         Strategy: Defend perimeter to limit his offense, and set picks on other end.

6.Doneal Mack:
        Strengths: Great three-point shooter.
        Strategy: Defend three-point shot and force him to handle rock.

7. Antonio Anderson:
           Strengths: Top perimeter defender, and scorer.
           Strategy: Set picks on offensive end or work to get open, contain on
                            offense. Big in first game, seemed to be non-factor in 2nd
                            game of NCAA tournament. Now is not the time to let him get hot.


1. Must BOX OUT on defense to prevent offensive rebounds and put backs, and also 

  prevent dribble penetration by guards. (This is critical). The guards like to hit the glass as 

  well.------MSU must rebound, get to every loose ball, and be TOUGHER.

2. Must execute total team defense and MUST extend to the 3-point line. The 1979 2-3 

   match-up zone, and the 2000 Mateen NC were based on great defense. If you want to 

   win a championship, defense will get you there, especially in this game. (DO NOT 


3. Rebound, rebound, rebound!! Yes, this will be key and worth repeating.

4. If you limit the turnovers and handle the Memphis pressure, you'll get some easy shots.
5. RUN when the break presents itself, and put pressure on them to defend. Be aggressive
   offensively but value the basketball--no silly turnovers. Let the guys have fun and play
   hard. Play an offense with rotations similar to the Indiana game.

6. Play well late--if you get a lead, must put continue to play hard and not let up. They have
  ability to go on quick runs so don't let up. Don't let them back in game with silly fouls,
  use your feet to play defense and stand between your man and basket. Of course, if you
  have to foul to prevent an easy basket, that' s one thing. Keep playing and focusing, no
  early celebrations.

7. Use as many players as possible and keep a fresh team. This also build teams unity
   and will help down the stretch.

8. Dorsey and Dozier like to sit underneath basket on the defense end and block shots and
  rebounds--if possible it would be good to draw them out of the paint, OR slash a cutter to
  the basketball and make the extra pass from our own interior big men for an easy basket.

9. Play with confidence, there will be ebb and flows to a game like this, you must hang 



10. It's there for the taking, go get it, there is no tomorrow.