Answering Your Michigan State Basketball Questions

Hondo S. Carpenter

East Lansing, MI— If one thing has emerged from the Michigan State athletic department over the years, it is confidence in Tom Izzo and the consistent production of his basketball program. As we answer your basketball questions today, we talk recruiting, the NBA Draft, and look ahead to next season.

Hondo, what do you think about Aaron Henry’s decision to go pro? Kim B.

I think a young man at any school who has a dream of going to the NBA is smart to get evaluated. He hasn’t hired an agent so that he can return. They will give him an honest assessment of what they think of his game. I think it was smart all around.

Hondo, do you think Aaron Henry will return? Chris Thomas

If his draft grade is below the first round, I would think that he will.

Hondo, what do you think happened with Karim Mane going to the NBA? Pat Martinez

He wanted to come to MSU for an official visit. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck and recruiting visits stopped, that made it no possible. In the end, not being able to visit East Lansing hurt that opportunity.

Hondo, why does it seem like Spartan football has so much recruiting momentum, but Spartan basketball is stuck in the sand. Angela Poole

I don’t think that is the case at all. Basketball has far fewer scholarships, so it appears that way because of the number. Tom Izzo and the staff are as diligently working at recruiting as football.

Hondo, do you think Marcus Bingham, Jr. can get the strength he needs to go from a good player to a star? Charles Haines

I do. Marcus is a young man with massive upside, and all players mature at different paces.

Hondo, is there someone you think the fans may be overlooking for next season? Matt Renshaw

I am shocked that more people are not talking about Thomas Kithier. He is what coaches call a “Steady Eddie.” He improves and keeps moving forward. He knows what he has to do, and he does his job. I think Thomas has a very high ceiling, and it undervalued by fans.

I enjoyed listening to your interview with Tom Izzo. It was exciting to hear from both of you such high praise for Mark Watts. Do you think Spartan Nation should be afraid that he will go to the NBA early next year? Jerry J.

I am not sure why any player leaving college to pursue and professional career would worry anyone. He is on the trajectory to the NBA. I am confident he will end up there, and if he continues to grow like he did this year, I will suspect he will go early. I do not think that should, “Worry” you, but it should make you enjoy him while he is here.

Hondo, what does your gut tell you about Xavier Tillman and Aaron Henry? Do you think either goes or stays? Tim Wright

If either gets a first-round grade, I think they will. 

I think Aaron certainly has pro potential, but I am not sure that grade will come this year. Both are tremendously talented young men and good people. But if forced to give a guess, I would say Xavier Tillman has the best shot at getting the first-round grade from the NBA evaluators this season. 

Tell us what you think about the current state of Michigan State basketball in the comment section below.

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Where is Cassius Winston going?


Where is Cassius Winston going?