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Michigan State Spartans Get Much Needed Blowout Win Over Purdue 83-58

Breslin Center

East Lansing, MI

If you were looking for the Spartans to come out today after two straight losses on fire, you were disappointed. They started slow. The Boilermakers didn’t even get to leave West Lafayette until five A.M. this morning and then it was by bus, because of the weather. Neither team acted like they wanted any part of this Big Ten tilt to start, but the Spartans woke up.

They demolished the Boilermakers 83-58 coming out in the second half on fire. The Spartans shot 60% for the game and had 18 assists on 30 baskets.

Izzo said of the game, “Matt (Painter) deserves a lot of credit. They completely dominated us for the first ten minutes of the game. As a team I was very disappointed in the first half. Feel good about the win, but I want to give credit to a team that went through some stuff.”

Matt Painter, the Purdue head coach, to his credit didn’t make excuses, and he could have. “I think we just got beat today. We tried to get them from going inside to Draymond Green and Derrick Nix, but that is easier said then done.”

Green dropped eight points and had 12 rebounds. Derrick Nix scored 12 points to go along with four boards. Adreian Payne added nine points as well.

It was a blow out, but this is a rivalry with some heat. Some of it fresh off the recruitment of MSU freshman star Braden Dawson. Did Dawson go to far near the end of the game talking to Painter while on the court? “My players aren’t going to talk to opposing coaches. I am not going to let a 19 year old kid stick it to us,” was how Coach Painter responded to questions about Branden Dawson talking to him at the end of the game.

Dawson had some amazing plays and a great game. He had 14 points, three rebounds, two blocks and one steal. That may have been overshadowed; by running his mouth at Purdue head coach Matt Painter. Dawson denied it. 

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“I was shouting let’s go when Anthony Johnson made a mistake. I was shouting that to our team and Coach Painter started saying something to me. I have no problem with Coach Painter. Their fans were yelling things at me like, ‘How was the $50,000,” that last statement being in reference to some Purdue fan’s belief that MSU was underhanded in the recruitment of Dawson.

You may remember that Izzo served a one game suspension for some violations in relation to that recruitment. You can read about that by CLICKING HERE.

Izzo said of the exchange, “If he was (Dawson trash talking) that would disappoint me a lot. I will handle that.” Again Dawson denied it and I was sitting down near the Purdue bench and did not hear anything, but with the noise in the building may not have.

Another issue in the game was the Izzone. They took to the personal attacks on Purdue’s Robbie Hummel because of his knee injuries that sadly have left him much less of a player than he used to be. Coming off two ACL injuries he had a wretched day. He shot 0 for 11 and could never get going. Hummel had only two points for the game.

Painter wasn’t pleased with the Izzone’s attack on his player and felt they crossed the line in wishing him new knee injuries.  In fairness I agree with Painter and so did some of my colleagues in the media. I Tweeted during the second half, “Member of the Izzone to Hummel: How are those two ACL injuries working out. #EmbarraassingSpartanFan#WonderWhyIzzoneSucks?”

Painter said of his exchange with the Izzone, “I was just trying to fight. I think the Izzone is great, but I not going to stand there and let them say, ‘I hope you tear your ACL again,’ someone’s got to fight (for Hummel).”

Izzo’s thoughts on the comments by the Izzone directed to Hummel, “If that’s the case I am going to rip them again…I will fix that too.”

Overshadowed was a great win for the Spartans by the extra curricular. Sadly that happens in the world of big time college sports.

The Spartans are now 16-4 with their next game scheduled for January 25, 2012, next Wednesday. They will be hosting the Golden Gophers.