MSU Basketball Obtains National Success Once Again!

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MSU Basketball Obtains National Success Once Again

The Spartan Nation expects success when it comes to Tom Izzo’s cagers. Thursday night, on ABC 3 News Live at 11 p.m., I told you that the success of the program has continued. Basketball SID (Sports Information Director) Matt Larson, whose star is rising like a rocket, was acknowledged by the COSIDA for having produced the third best media guide in the nation.

As I travel the nation with the MSU basketball team for games Larson is constantly talked about for being one of the best in the nation at his job by both my colleagues in the media and the SID’s of other schools. Although he is a Duke Grad (we forgive him and only him for that huge mistake), he is a Spartan at heart and loves the Spartan Nation.  In fact, I had the exclusive report that he had been offered not the assistant’s job, but the actual head SID job at Indiana and turned it down to stay here as John Lewandowski’s right hand man.

Larson is a tireless worker, and regardless of the title he holds, is the right hand person to Lewandowski. He is the person that is often ignored when people talk of the incredible coverage Izzo constantly obtains.

Larson has a bright future at MSU (anywhere he chose to be frank) and those above him aren’t afraid to acknowledge that. John Lewandowski’s pride in his protégé and friend was very evident when he said this about Larson’s award, “Matt has clearly established himself as one of the nation's top basketball SID’s. Yes, Matt is very creative and produces quality publications, but even more importantly, he has built strong working relationships with the local and national media to help position our basketball program. He certainly has a bright future in the PR profession, and MSU is certainly fortunate to have him on its team.”
Those are great words to hear from your boss, but when his boss chimes in that speaks volumes. MSU Athletic Director Mark Hollis and the man that is perhaps the greatest marketer in college sports had this to say last night. “Our Athletic Communications Staff provides great service to our community and the media that covers our events. It is great to see Matt’s efforts with the men’s basketball media guide be recognized by his peers. He is an important member of our Department and basketball program. Matt’s innovative approach with members of the media and in his attention to detail on the important components of a publication are a source of pride to our student athletes and Department.”

Congrats to Larson for showing the entire country that the Spartan Nation’s commitment to excellence isn’t just on the court!