MSU manhandles unimpressive BYU 76-61

Hondo S. Carpenter

MSU manhandles unimpressive BYU 76-61

MSU has built a solid and also may I add impressive 9-2 record with a schedule loaded with BYU type talent and Saturday, the solidity of the Spartan basketball program showed itself.
MSU dominated a BYU team that had no answers for a no name bigs rotation that for all it lacks in sizzle has a superior amount of substance. Marquise is clearly maturing (15 pts. & 12 boards) and looks like he has finally blossoming into the talent all expected when he arrived. He has benefited from the Izzo tough love philosophy that has clearly helped him grow from a kid to a fine young man, off and on the court. No one player has grown in Izzo’s “back to basics” approach as much as Quise who has had to grow up and he has. Â
The crowd was sparse and for a feature event like that and the fans need to show the toughness they demand from the program. To make a drive to the Palace or to be a featured game a better opponent would have been nice, but at this point, Izzo has done what his team needs not what the fans want. Izzo gets a pass from me anyways on anything but Saturday was just what the Dr. ordered. I think BYU was exactly what the team needed and I thought the crowd was appropriate. It was a solid win, against a solid team. I admit it is hard to get excited about the type of teams we have played so far and the fans attendance has reflected it.
Now comes the meat of the schedule and it’s time for the fans to get ready. I said that if this team makes the NCAA tourney that it would be Izzo’s best coaching job. For that to happen, now the fans have to man up and get to the Brez. The crowds do not bother me this far, but the cruise needs to go off and that means making the Breslin the feared arena it has been for so long. This team feeds off of you and now that the ‘soft” part of the schedule is done it is time to make the Breslin as tough for people to play in as we demand the guys to play. Now the real season starts, don’t wait for the Big Ten season to start, these kids haven’t waited and neither should you.
Here comes the ride and I for one can’t wait. See you at the Brez!