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New Spartan Point Guard Travis Trice Let's His Play on the Court Speak for Itself


Trice has risen to the top of his class, while showing class off of it.  Photo courtesy of the Trice family archives.

Trice has risen to the top of his class, while showing class off of it. Photo courtesy of the Trice family archives.



Hope is on its way to East Lansing in the form of Travis Trice. Trice was a virtual enigma to those who follow Spartan basketball recruits when he burst on the scene last summer. Then something magical happened. Trice was playing in an AAU game, when Tom Izzo was so impressed he offered him a scholarship. Every game Izzo went to and every one he watched on film he kept asking, “Who is delivering those amazing passes?”


I immediately took to internet to see what I could learn about his personal character and his game. The worst comment that I heard from fans was that the only reason he got an offer was because he was an AAU teammate of Brandan Dawsen. That was by far the most nonsensical thing I had heard, seeing as though Dawsen had already committed before I trust Izzo and not “recruiting services” and Izzo sure looks brilliant now.


Last week Travis Trice accomplished something great. He won Gatorade High School Player of the Year in Ohio. Yes! Did you hear that detractors? A guy who is to small, and it had been said can’t defend on the perimeter, and only got a scholarship because of his affiliation with a fellow recruit is the best player in Ohio. Travis averaged 24.4 points, 7.2 assists, 4.5 steals and 3.3 rebounds per game this past season. On top of that he is the Ohio Defensive Player of the Year!

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The Wayne Warriors fell short of their pursuit of a state title in double overtime, lead by Trice’s 38 points. I applaud Tom Izzo and his staff for actually knowing that “stars” don’t make a player. It’s the heart that he shows on the court that makes him a star. Nothing should be given, it should all have to be earned. I thank Travis Trice for not listening to his detractors, and pursuing excellence on and off the court.


We should all be looking forward to the arrival of Travis. He’s a very good shooter with great basketball IQ, and has the ability to put the ball on the floor and score. He will provide stability to the often “turnover producing” point guard position.


With Trice on the court, teams will think twice about zoning and more about how they can prevent the Spartans from tearing them apart. Defense, Rebounding, and the fast break is coming back to East Lansing. I’m looking forward to it already.


This youngster has the ability to distribute, has no ego and understands the game. Trice could easily be one of the most highly basketball intelligent players Izzo has ever added. So next year when you see a young super star named Trice leading the way for the Spartan Nation, remember to thank Izzo for not listening to the pundits.