News and Notes from in and Around the Spartan Nation 12/4 Edition

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  • News and Notes from in and Around the Spartan Nation · Spartan Basketball Last nights loss to the Tar Heels was as Kalin Lucas called it, “Embarrassing.” It was also as called by some, “Humiliating,” and it was as Tom Izzo said himself, “His fault.” He agreed to play the game and his team wasn’t ready. Sure Goran was out, but even Izzo said, “You didn’t see our real team tonight, but our real team might have lost by 20.” Should it have been played so close to other games? No, but that swagger is what has made MSU Basketball. This team has real issues. I don’t think that the talent on this team with Goran is a 35-point loss to UNC. I also agree with Izzo that they are 20-point losers with him.
    · Spartan Basketball It is the lackadaisical play at IPFW. The blow out loss, that included an appearance by some players of quitting to a Maryland team that they should have in no way lost too. The game against Wichita State was not the performance that a top-notch team should make.
    · Spartan Basketball Izzo has earned the right to be judged at the end of the season. For that there is no doubt, but you can’t blame the fans for not buying overpriced tickets for a blowout in Detroit on a bad weather February night for a 9:15 P.M. mid week start. Come on!
    · Spartan Basketball Last night was a benchmark. This team is loaded with talent. One player hasn’t made or broke the season so far. Izzo has privately and publicly looked to this season for several years. He has his studs. He has everything he needs from NBA facilities, salaries and a stable of great players, now he has to win. I for one have never doubted Izzo’s ability to coach and lead. His track record speaks for itself. Last night was what it was. Now it is his job to fix it.
    · Lions Speculation nationally continues to grow after my report about the Bucs being willing to let Monte Kiffin join his son Lane at UT because of the possibility of Rod Marinelli going back to the bay to be the DC.
    · Lions Retaining Martin Mayhew in some capacity is not a bad thing for the Lions. GM? If they hire a new President with a strong personnel background who runs the show that would be fine. Mayhew is a good man and extremely intelligent. He didn’t agree with all of Millen’s decisions, so you can’t blame him for everything. If Tom Lewand is back with the team in any capacity, then that is a clear signal to the fans that business is as usual in Detroit with the Lions.
    · Lions There is a lot of talk about the Thanksgiving game getting moved. Including from this site. As a life long Lions fan I agree that it is time to move it until Ford either A) Sells the team or B) Fires and cleans house and brings in someone like Scott Pioli. He then makes him in charge of all football operations and puts in writing he and his son WILL NOT MEDDLE. The problem however is that even though Ford Motor Company doesn’t own the Lions, they are certainly tied to it by ownership. The NFL first and foremost is about revenue and one NFL source said it best when he told me yesterday afternoon, “That game isn’t going to go anywhere as long as Ford Motor keeps spending huge amounts of dough with us, or Ford sells the team.” There you go fans, welcome back to the real world.
    · Lions WR Mike Furrey had every right to be angry at how he was placed on IR. It is another example of an organization is disarray. When he heard, and remember they didn’t tell him he HEARD, he was in shock. Here is a guy that has been mistreated since his first season as a Lion and all he has done is work tirelessly in the community and gave his all? I will have more on this later. The Lions have issues among many of their players with their perception of the organization, is there any wonder why the fans do? In the interest of full disclosure, Mike and Koren his wife are my friends, but I can tell you this. Mike has told me when he couldn’t go and when he says he can, I don’t doubt him. He is fine and can play. Is this really how you treat your players? What a JOKE!