News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 02/22/10 Edition Kalin and Izzo Talk

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News and Notes from Spartan Basketball 02/22/10 Edition


The Spartans find themselves in a one or done game for a Big Ten Title.  Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

The Spartans find themselves in a one or done game for a Big Ten Title. Photo courtesy of Mark Boomgaard.

Kalin’s Takes


He says that his ankle, “Feels alright. Sometimes out there it still hurts. I just got to fight through it.”


How can this team handle the issues it faces? “One thing we have to do is bounce back. We just have to play better.”


What went wrong against Ohio State? “One thing we wanted to do is run the ball in transition…We basically lost because of that. We weren’t running in transition. It was all me. The wings ran well. The bigs ran well. It was all me. It was me. When I pushed the ball we got something.” As you can tell he is taking it really hard.


How can this team stop teams making big runs against them? “We just have to play better in the first half. Will be fine, we still have a good team we just have to play better d in the first half.”


What will he do before Purdue on Sunday? “Watch more film keep talking to my guys. It will be a tough game, but we still can win this game. Keep our heads up. We have to get this win on Sunday. 


How critical is his play to this team’s success? “If I don’t play well we lose.”


How tough was the Purdue loss? “It was tough because we thought that we could beat them. We had our mistakes, a turnover here or a missed free throw there. There were times we played good and times we didn’t and it showed.”


Thoughts by Izzo?


Why this team can’t win when Kalin doesn’t play or play well? “There is some truth that a lot of teams go as their best player.” 


Kalin can’t, “Try to be someone you’re not.”


Was he satisfied with how the Spartan played Turner? “I loved the way we played him. Turner was only 6 for 17.”


What did his team do wrong? “For the first time in a long time we had very poor shot selection. About the ten or 12 min mark.”


Kalin’s ankle? “The ankle I think is maybe 90%. That is the only reason I could think that he wasn’t pushing it. Instead of two much practice maybe it was a little too little practice.”


Any other thoughts on what went wrong? “We had turnovers and ill advised shots. Down the stretch we missed some dunks and free throws.”


Where is his team now? “Down side? We haven’t had a signature win on the road

Upside? They have been the top four teams in the Big Ten and none of our losses are against non-ranked opponents.”


How Kalin was with the team after the game? “He took all the blame with the team also.”


How is Izzo feeling? “Disappointed? Yes, but we had to beat Purdue down there to win the league anyway. Somehow someway we are going to get more than two guys playing well some way.  We are still a very good team; we just don’t play like it at times.


What has been Travis Walton’s impact? “Travis has really been good for us.”


What is he thinking? “It is not a circle the wagons type time. We are going to get better I really do believe that. This is a top 20 team. I think we have the talent to be one (top ten). To start the year I thought we were a top 15-20 team. Now we’re the hunter. That is a good thing being from the UP.”


Expectations? “I want them because I think I can handle them. I was really impressed with us going to North Carolina and Texas. I thought Texas was the best team. Other than turnovers I thought we played pretty well and defended OK. I didn’t feel bad about the Wisconsin game. I felt worse about Kalin getting hurt.”


After calling out the crowd what about the last two games? “I am disappointed for our home crowd. We had the energy and laid an egg. They almost won us to games that we didn’t deserve to win the last two.”


How was the locker room after OSU loss? “It was like a morgue. I didn’t go off on anyone and no one else other than Draymond going off on how bad he wanted them again.”


When Kalin (Who wants to run) didn’t run when he told him to? “He looked tired to me. It was an out of body experience.”


What’s wrong with Delvon? “Hurt his knee again at Wisconsin and sprained his wrist.”


On the early loss to Florida? “I would play that game again five times and bet on us.” 


His final thoughts on OSU? “That was the worse shot selection that we have had since I have been here.”


What is MSU in the Big Ten? “Deepest talented team in the league, but not the most talented.”


Travis Walton’s impact? “He is just infectious.”


Is Travis overshadowing Kalin? “This is Kalin’s team and it should be Kalin’s team.”


Most frustrating part of recruiting not getting to know a players heart? “That is probably the most frustrating thing, and some change too. I am going to do a better job of holding them accountable.” I am just not going to do that until I can have them all back here. I just wasn’t going to have three or four guys. That is what made that group they weren’t three or four guys they were a team.”


Are they out of it? “I wouldn’t count us out yet.”


Has this team done anything off the court to come together? “Over Christmas we went bowling together.”