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News and Notes from Spartan Basketball: End of the Year Edition with Tom Izzo


Tom Izzo sat down with the media today to recap the Spartans, "Disappointing" 2010-2011 campaign.  Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.

Tom Izzo sat down with the media today to recap the Spartans, "Disappointing" 2010-2011 campaign. Photo courtesy of Starr Portice.


News and Notes from Spartan Basketball


Today Tom Izzo sat down with the media and spoke for over one hour on the record. Here are some of the highlights. 


“It was a disappointing season based on our final record.”


Why was this team inconsistent? “We had no rotation.”


On what good can come out of the season? “Failure drives you a little more than success.”


Looking back would he have done anything different? “I probably wouldn’t have red shirted Gauna.”


On possibly adding another recruit for 2011?  “We would look at one more guy, not sure big or small, be we won’t just fill a spot.”


How bad was the season? “It wasn’t a disaster.”


On the team moving forward? “They’ve been through playing in front of 75,000 in Detroit, and losing in the first round.”


On late night NCAA games? “Those late nights are killers, guess that’s why we can’t have a college (football) playoff. We might miss school.”


Was he able to enjoy the season? “I enjoyed getting kicked in the teeth this year. I really have…I said I think our fans needed to be humbled, our media needed to be humbled. I needed to be humbled.”

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He said after the Texas game he enjoyed turmoil, does he still? “I do. I do.”


On UM getting back to winning in basketball: “The best thing for Michigan State is Michigan good. They had a hell of a year. They did a great job. John is a very good coach. It’s been a weird rivalry. They’ve had their times of being real good and we’ve had our times.”


Has the MSU/UM gap closed in basketball? “Has it in football? It doesn’t matter if the gap has been closed. Do they have a good team? Yes. A good program? Yes. Nobody cares where anyone was, where are you today.”


On the rivalry? “Is the rivalry on? Yes it’s on. I am looking forward to it.”


On a foreign trip this summer? “This might be the year. Not big on the European thing.” 


The best part of a trip? “Practice time, but the games aren’t that good.”


On a Canadian trip? “We are exploring that and there is a good chance will be doing something.” When? “August.”


On how he has changed? “Everyone goes through fazes. Of my 16 years (as a head coach) this was my most mellowest.”


“I almost had to change my personality. I take a lot of blame for this season. If I had to do it over again I wouldn’t have done it much differently. You can’t be who you are not.”


On NCAA rules limiting contact hurt? “I think we should be able to call guys all the time. At least be able to call them.  Talk to them.”


On Draymond: “It’s got to be the seniors team. He (Day-Day) is the best at keeping up with the former players. He respects, admires and loves that.”


On Day Day being a leader: “He has to understand what they (former players) did. He has to talk with them (current players) and not down to them.”