Prescription for the green seats: Geritol!

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Time for the rest of the Breslin to step it up!

You ask what I mean when I say the rest? I am referring to what many in the Izzone call the “green seats” or the non-Izzone seats. I was more then willing when the Big Ten season started to chide the Izzone for their lack of intensity because it was fair.

That said, with Wisconsin coming in this week the green seats can take a real lesson from the Izzone. Since half time of the Illinois game they clearly have been the best in the land.Â

Are they as good as they were at their inception? No but that isn’t their fault when the basketball administration has all but essentially neutered anything outspoken or outrageous. That said they do need a creativity surge, but loudness and intensity are not the issues.

The green seaters however can’t just sit there and live vicariously through the best student section in the NCAA. It is time for all of them to rise up...literally! MSU can beat Wisconsin and win against what has easily become Izzo’s biggest Big Ten nemesis. That would be fantastic, but they have to have a Breslin center that rocks. Sure on Saturday the place was going crazy, but can the green seaters do it when the game is close, or MSU is not in the lead?Â

My point is that it has become fashionable to blame the Izzone and it just isn’t right. How about it Mr. & Mrs. Green seater, can you pop a Geritol and get jacked for a couple of hours? Can you get loud with reckless abandon and watch Tom Izzo and the MSU crew beat a top team in your house? Can you actually get out of your seat and cheer when they play your fight song? Can you clap and make some noise when Tucker is at the line?Â

We have the best coach in the country and we don’t have one of our best all time teams. I think it’s time for the fan base to give Tom what he has given us. It has been a long time since Tom needed the Spartan Nation. I KNOW the Izzone will show up and be crazy. Those are some great and crazy kids and they will be loud and fantastic. What I don’t know about are the other 10,000 people. Like Izzo always says “this is a team sport,” I just hope the green seat and bleacher seat part of the team shows up. If they do, Tuesday night could be one of those magical memory nights that we are still talking about 20 years from now.

Go State and take your Geritol!