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Shannon Brown is “DONE” at MSU!

Obviously you see the quotes but they are not from Shannon. What makes it disappointing (if you are a selfish Spartan Fan) however is that they are from a person of influence: an NBA scout. I have talked to several as the playoffs have progressed and the two I have spoken with in the last 36 hours both have said the same thing.

One went farther: “It was communicated to us that Shannon loves MSU very much, but if he was very confident based on what NBA people communicated that he would be a first rounder that he would come out. I see (this is still the scout speaking) that he is done at MSU. I think he is the best of the MSU three (Mo Ager, Paul Davis) and I do not see him falling past the early twenties.”

Another scout from an NBA Western team said “I am not a advocate of guys coming out that ain’t ready. Shannon needs some work but he is ready. Izzo had a way of preparing guys, guys that listen to him and more importantly guys that want to get better. Shannon has done that and he is ready.” I pushed him on the Izzo issue and he went farther “Izzo is a master at getting the most out of a kid. I think people that b***h about his being tough just aren’t smart basketball people. Look at Bell and look at Anderson and Allan, those are three guys that without Izzo do not make the NBA. They are better because of him. Taylor didn’t prosper in that system and look what happened. That is tragic, but he did it his way, and those guys and Rich (Jason Richardson) listened and you see what you get.”

Both did not want their names used so as to give up their team draft strategy, but both said that Shannon was up on their boards. One went as far as to say “what a great kid, you want that kind of kid on your team.” 

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Both said when talking to me that they have heard his decision is all but made as he is hearing this from other NBA teams that are looking. I dug farther trying to accumulate more information and it seems to be a consensus among those that know and have a clear picture of the process that he is done at MSU. 

Shannon is a great kid, and Spartan Nation wishes him well. See you in the NBA Shannon!