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Spartan G Steven Izzo Talks After Scoring His First Collegiate Point!

Spartan G Steven Izzo Talks After Scoring His First Collegiate Point!

Breslin Center

East Lansing, MI

The #1 Michigan State Spartans kicked off the 2019-202o season tonight with an anticipated 85-50 blowout win over Albion College. It was a festive fun night for the Spartan Nation as Player of the Year Cassius Winston has two brothers on the Albion Team.

The Spartans were led in the scoring department by Xavier Tillman who had 19 points, eight rebounds and three steals. Cassius Winston was the only other double-digit scorer, he had 16 and nine assists.

Above is the complete video of freshman G Steven Izzo after the Spartans win. Below is part of what he and his dad had to say afterward.

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The highlight of the night from the crowd’s perspective was when they clamored for Steven Izzo to play. He got his shot and the crowd erupted. They got even louder when he scored a free throw shot.

I asked Izzo about the pride of a Daddy when that moment happened, “I can't believe the kid shot an air ball on the first time. I mean I have to admit it was cool, it was cool; I don't know what to say. I made sure I didn't take anyone else's minutes away, I told Frosty (Foster Loyer) is it okay if I do this? He was great. I told him before the game, I watched him in warm-ups on midnight madness and he really shoots the ball well. I mean he didn't get that from me, he must have got that from Garland, but he really shoots the ball well. In the warm-ups he shot an air ball about three feet short and I told him basketball is like golf, if it doesn't get there, it doesn't have any chance to go in. This one he listened to his coach and he shot it three feet long, but it was fun. I appreciate the fans, the students, but I really appreciate my teammates. You know, that was probably his chance for the year. I think he will redshirt or green shirt or something shirt; he got into the books and I felt good about that for him.”

In the locker room afterward Steven said of the experience that, “After I made it, I gave my dad a look to make sure he wasn't tearing up. He seemed to have a smile on his face with a little bit of water in his eye. It was awesome to be a part of and to get my first bucket.”

The regular season tips off next Tuesday night at Madison Square Garden in New York City against the #2 Kentucky Wildcats in the Champions Classic.

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