“It's an Embarrassing Loss...It was a Total Breakdown...I am Very Disappointed.” - Tom Izzo

Hondo S. Carpenter

January 12, 2008

Iowa City, Iowa

Carver Hawkeye Arena

The MSU Spartans played a basketball game here tonight…I guess. It was the ugliest game that I have ever seen.Â

It was a game and it came down to, “You take it,” “No you take it.” In a game that was the worst example of Izzo ball that I have ever seen…from anyone…especially the Spartans. In fact after the game Izzo said it was the worst game that the Spartans have played since he came to the helm.

O.K., enough of telling you how bad it was. Now let’s ask why? I asked Drew Neitzel point blank after the game about his health and he was emphatic that he was fine. He even acknowledged people’s well wishes about his health by saying he was really appreciative with everyone being concerned. He did however offer a very unique reason as to why this team is struggling when he told me that this team is stubborn and that there are some guys that need to start listening to Coach Izzo. (You can watch that comment and many more from Drew in the video section when we get back to Lansing on Sunday morning) I pressed him on if it was the freshman and he didn’t want to get into specifics.

The Spartans shot an abysmal 30.8% in the first and second half making that percentage for the game. 18 turnovers certainly didn’t help and an anemic 1-4 from the line…for the ENTIRE game.

Afterwards Izzo called the loss and embarrassment and even took a pot shot at some of the media for saying how good this team was, and how they thought his criticism was only for motivation.

One thing is certain. Izzo said this is a game that you have to burn the tape and move on. I still say he is the best coach in the nation and that if anyone can fix the ship it is him. I also think people need to remember that this team is now 14-2, and with a home date with Ohio State on Tuesday, the ship can be righted awful quick…or…never mind!Â

 Let me say that the referees were as bad as both teams tonight. Neither team played well and the Zebra’s were less than stellar. Now they certainly didn’t cost MSU the game, they were trash towards both teams. The sad thing is that the coaches can get ripped, and the players, but the NCAA shields them from criticism like they are porcelain dolls. Good for them, if they would have faced the media tonight (from both schools) they would have broke. The Big Ten has to address these guys refereeing so much because it is getting bad. MSU and Iowa and almost every Big Ten game I have seen so far have been plagued with bad officiating. Sadly I had to watch this one tonight, and it was really bad…for both teams.

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