Tom Izzo Adds Recruit #2 for 2011: Guard Dwaun Anderson

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For Tom Izzo recruiting is more like a selection process. He targets whom he wants and he goes and gets them.  Izzo's track record of success is among the elite in the game.  When he visits a young man, it is often a thrill for the recruit and the town from which he hails.

Yesterday in his offices in East Lansing he sat around a big boardroom type table.  Suttons Bay guard Dwaun Anderson was there at the table with Izzo and he heard the magic words he had been waiting to hear.  It is a three and a half hour, 196-mile ride from his home to the Breslin Center, but his choice was immediate and quick. Dwaun was a Spartan.

Dwaun told Spartan Nation yesterday, “He offered me ten minutes before I accepted. Words can’t explain how excited and happy I am. A real dream come true.”

“I was really excited and I had waited for that moment. Yes, I would love to come to Michigan State and play for you,” is what Dwaun told Spartan Nation yesterday. So what was Izzo’s reaction to the good news? “His action surprised me. He was real serious and then after I told him he slammed his fist on the table, jumped up, and gave me a big hug.”

For Anderson he knows that the journey is just beginning and it is far from over. Tom Izzo is fiercely loyal to his players, but also honest. So what did Izzo tell Dwaun he has to work on? “Starting tomorrow I have to get as many shots in as I can and ball handling. I have to become a better shooter and a better ball handler.”

Anderson’s size has been widely reported and reported wrongly. “I am 195 pounds and 6’3” with my shoes off when they checked me today. So I am really 6’4” with them on.” That extra weight is essential in the much bigger and physical Big Ten.

Dwaun is the second commitment for Tom Izzo for the 2011 class. He joins Detroit Southeastern’s Brandan Kearney in that class. Both are guards and both continue Izzo’s commitment to the State of Michigan and surrounding areas as a recruiting base.

Dwaun and Kearney talked on Wednesday. “I talked with Brandon today (Wednesday) I know him. He is a great player and I am really excited to get to Michigan State to play with him.” So with the remainder of the summer and entire school year ahead of him before he moves to East Lansing what are Dwaun’s thoughts? “I was just thinking today it is a long time away and I just can’t wait.”

The Spartan Nation can’t either Dwaun, but relax and enjoy it. The Spartan Nation welcomes yet another great athlete and young man to our basketball program.

Here is some great video of Dwaun.Here is video of a great Dwaun dunk.And another great dunk.