2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile: FB Josh Rouse #44

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2009 Spartan Nation Football Profile:Â FB Josh Rouse #44

Height:  6’3”

Weight:Â 240

2009 Eligibility: Senior 

EXP:Â 3 Letters

Status:Â Backup FB


Strengths: Rouse is a very good and solid FB. He does the grunt work that comes with the job with a smile and a passion. No other play best sums up his strengths than one against EMU.


In the first quarter on a 1st and ten, Hoyer made a play action roll out to his right. Rouse made a terrific block in space and stayed with it against the DE. Now that may not seem like much to the average fan, but let me assure you. It was huge. Blocking and sustaining blocks when you are out in an open space is difficult at best and Rouse can sustain and hold a block, as well as shed and get downfield well when plays are designed that way.


Weakness: Unfortunately in football, your opponents have plans and plays as well. Against UM, the Spartans had the ball at the UM 32 on a 3rd and one. Rouse came in motion and a player came in strong at Rouse (it was not the man designed for Rouse to block) and the UM player who surprised Rouse was able to throw him down and make the tackle.


One of the hardest things for football players at this level to learn and do is to improvise when the play isn’t going to happen as designed. The other 11 guys have their ideas as well. Rouse is a technician and that is a compliment. Adjusting on his feet can cause confusion at times. In fairness to Josh, that is something that can happen to a lot of people, but it is an area he can work on and develop.


Final Analysis: Rouse will see a lot of playing time this year. Hawken is the starter, but Rouse is not far behind and is a very good football player. Watching him block is a fun thing because he can get a block and really frustrate some players. He gets to the second level as well as anyone and his senior season should be his best yet.