2011 Michigan State Spartan Football Profile: #57 DT Johnathan Strayhorn

Hondo S. Carpenter

2011 Spartan Nation Football Profile: #57 DT Johnathan Strayhorn

Expectation:Â Backup contributing DT

Height:  6’

Weight:Â #275

2011 Eligibility:Â Fifth Year Senior

EXP:Â 3 letters

Status:Â Back up contributing DT

Strengths: Last year against the Irish in the fourth quarter Notre Dame was facing a second and two with 14:22 left in the game at the MSU 44. Strayhorn fought through a double team for a great tackle. He has a great motor. He can be as good as he wants to be and has the talent.

Weakness:  Let’s stay right with the Notre Dame again. This time it is the second quarter with 10:03 on the clock with the Irish having the ball at the MSU 27 facing a third and fourteen. The Spartans were playing a three-man front and he was the nose. It was a pass and he wasn’t going to get to the QB. He didn’t put his hands up to alter the pass and literally was just pushed away from the play. Strayhorn is a very good player. Sometimes he has to just remember that there are plenty of backup players and he has to go all out every play.

Final Analysis: Strayhorn should have a very successful senior season. He has to play every play all out. He has guys that can come in when he is winded, and when he plays with reckless abandon, he is a very good player.

Next up:Â DE William Gholston