Answering Your Michigan State Football Emails and Questions...

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions…


Good evening, Hondo. Love the site, radio show, magazine and TV. Just wondering with your respect and knowledge of the offensive line what you think of Burkland being back and Treadwell on the way? Kevin

Great question Kevin, and yes I do love the OL. I said all spring and summer that people need to remember that Burkland was a starter last year. He is going to make a push for OT playing time. He is a very good player. I would think he will push Dan France more than Fou Fonoti. I know that he loves playing RT and feels very comfortable with it.Â


Tready coming back is big, but MAGNUS and Allen are pretty settled. He won’t push MAGNUS, but if he made a push, it would be on Allen. I said prior to camp I expected Allen to overtake Tready (who was number one on the depth chart at the time) prior to the B1G season.Â


This OL will be fine. Boise showed some loading of the box and run blitzes they hadn’t prior, so at times MSU had five or six guys going against six or seven and on a few occasions eight or nine. They struggled against a CMU team who decided to make Maxwell beat them.Â


I am not concerned. The MSU OC is one of the best OL coaches in the nation. Remember that before the Tampa Bay Bucs hired the Wisconsin OL coach, they wanted Roushar bad; a story Spartan Nation broke. The next two weeks are the biggest of the season for MSU and I feel good.


Hondo, what do you think of DeAnthony Arnett, his comments supposedly and then his Tweets? Carol

I hate these types of questions, because I can’t win. For those that don’t know some media wrote after the game that Arnett was frustrated with playing time. Read it here and here. I was not with Arnett when the comments were made. I also know that the reporters recorded the conversations and I don’t think this is a fight he wants.Â


His going to Twitter to throw a temper tantrum wasn’t smart. Arnett deleted the Tweets, but the Free Press article does contain some of them. His coach spent a lot of time this summer drilling on social media and then we all know what happened during the UM beat down by Alabama. Arnett choosing to go to Twitter to fight a battle he can’t win wasn’t smart.Â


Arnett has made some questionable comments on Twitter going back to his recruiting days when many were turned off by what they thought was over the top drama with the process. Some people may need to just avoid the medium. I believe he made the comments as reported, but even if you give him the benefit of the doubt, why cause a distraction? I can tell you that inside the Duffy those comments were not appreciated.


Perhaps based on where he was picked in the spring and how many reps he has had so far, he is best served worrying about football. He is a great talent, but if he creates drama it won't endear him to his team or coaches.


Hondo, I love your questions about what are you most pleased with to coaches and players. So I ask you this far into the season, what are you most pleased with and least pleased with? Chad

Great question. I am most pleased with Andrew Maxwell, a ton of yards, good completions percentages and he is getting comfortable. The staff failed him last year not playing him more and anyone with a brain knew he would have a learning curve. He is all we thought.Â


I would say least impressed with is a tough one. There are some things I would like to see better, but I really am not least impressed with anything. I like Dan Conroy. He’s a terrific kid and an elite kicker, but he has missed some FGs early. That is the mental part of the game. In the swirling win at CMU, I am not as worried, but the 43 yarder after making the 50 against Boise makes me wince. He is a game changer. Kicking is mental and I want to see him have a monster year. We know he can.  I think he will.


Hondo, do you see LT taking Niko Palazeti’s starting role? Bruce

No. LT will be a great weapon, but Niko is the man. He is an NFL elite FB.


Hondo, you were tough on Muma (Kevin) for his kickoffs last year, what about this year? James

He has been great and remember this: They don’t always want him to boot it out now. With touchbacks going to the 25, they many times will want him to get it to the 1 or 1 yard inside the goal line in order to win the field position battle.


Hondo, I had to laugh this week when everyone made a big deal about the north endzone expansion getting approved. You said months ago it had the votes and was a done deal. You also reported months ago that the next project will be an expansion of the Duffy at the tennis courts and that would mean new tennis courts at the tennis facility so football can have that space. Any idea when that project will start? Ed

Hi Ed! Thanks for remembering. They would like to start the Duffy expansion that will consume the present tennis courts at the conclusion of the 2013 season. They will put a shovel in the ground on the north end as soon as the regular season ends this year and that one will be next.

There you go everyone.  Another week of your MSU Football Q and A in the books. Make sure to send in your questions for next week. Simply email them to and put weekly Q and AFootball in the subject line.