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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, I heard your interview with Coach Dantonio and the fact you both seem to think that the Spartans will be faster. Can you tell me as a football fan, but not really an aficionado of the intricacies how that could look different? Carlos Mena

Here is a great example. The Spartans will be MUCH faster at DT this year than they have been in years. That will allow them to do some stunts this year that we have not seen in ages around here to open up some new blitzes in the middle and some other packages, because of that speed. When you can drop a defensive tackle back in pass coverage over the middle or stunt them out to the wide nine after the snap, some interesting things can happen brother.

Hondo, you mentioned Josiah Price and Monty Madaris as potential guys people will really know about after the year. I got Price, but you mentioned with Madaris he had to stay healthy. How is he doing? Tim Shaw

Monty has to get healthy and he is not 100% yet. Wide receiver this year is VERY deep and the separation between so many players is so small that missing reps or time could set him back early. That is why I said Monty has to stay healthy and if he is, he can surprise a lot of people.

Hondo, I really appreciate how close you are to the program and the level of quality information you bring. I was wondering what you think the players would do if offered the chance to vote for or against the union? Jeff Manuel

I have been working on an article about this. I asked 25 total MSU football/basketball players if that opportunity was posed to them how they would vote. 17 said no to the union and eight said yes. More on that later.

Hondo, I loved the last magazine and all the information. You guys just kill it every month with the inside scoops. Just wondering about Shilique. He was already a first rounder last year and came back. What can he do different this year or the coaches do to make him a high first round pick or do you not see that? John Clarke

Great question John. I think with Shilique and his speed the Spartan coaches can do more with him this year. I have shared with you in the past about the Spartans “Viper” package. When they go to a three man front with a four backer package. A 3-4 set. I look for Shilique to move the outside backer spot as a pure rusher this year to show off that speed. I know of multiple teams that have wondered about him being able to take his hand off the ground and play standing up. If he can have success there, look for his stock to skyrocket to the top ten.

Hondo, I appreciate all the info you give and I have heard you talk about the guys on offense that people should watch for so how about on D? Who are the two guys on D a lot of people don’t know, but you think they will when all is over? Keep up the good work. Chris

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Darien Harris has not got a lot of talk and I think he will now. Ed Davis is another, but let me throw this one out. I didn’t expect freshman defensive tackle Enoch Smith, Jr. to play this year. Spartan Nation rated him the #1 player in the 2014 signing class and he has impressed a lot of people with his hunger and his commitment to learning the playbook. I now expect him to play. Lastly, Joel Heath, the starting DT, is a big man (290 pounds) and is fast. He slides over from DE to DT and he will get a ton of opportunities along with Damon Knox with Shilique getting double teamed every play.

Hondo, the articles this week on Damion Terry’s mom Shelby Staaf and the one on Kodi Kieler were simply outstanding. I love the X’s and O’s coverage, but your in depth on people coverage is without a doubt the best. Who is the next player you will profile? Cathy King

Cathy, I can’t tell you that? Too many people read this and I don’t want another person to jump the story on me. I will tell you that I am currently working on seven of them so stay tuned.

Hondo, when will the players get to work for the season? I don’t mean press conferences, I mean sweat and going to town. Malinda

They will report for their conditioning “Run” test on Thursday. If you were at a press conference, guys do sweat at those, and that is Monday, but Thursday is the day.

Hondo, I am curious if you are all jacked about the season like the rest of us. I can’t wait. How about you? Terry Moore

Excited? Sure, I love football. I am different than most. The off season or desert time as I call it is so long. We have football for such a short precious time that I savor every practice, every moment of camp, and enjoy that season as well. So many stories, angles, and nuggets this time of year that I love it.

Hondo, I read recently where you spent 21 hours watching Oregon football. I love your work and I just want to know how that makes you better? Kyle

Great question Kyle. I think the people who listen to my radio show, or all the amazing radio shows across the country that have me on, those that read what I write, or watch on TV expect me to be knowledgeable about what I speak on. Same with players and coaches. If I am going to give praise or be critical, they have a right to expect me to know what I am speaking about. I can have people tell me about the Oregon offense and personnel and I have. I also need to see it for myself and build on it; to make my own observations and thoughts. The off season for many is still a ton of work for me. I watched every MSU game (all 14) at least four times this offseason, I have watched 17 Oregon games and three of them more than twice, and watched numerous games that directly impact MSU this year. I am not complaining, that is my job and I love it.

There you go everyone. That is this week’s question and answer article. If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A