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Hondo, It sounds like the CB position is the most "up in the air" position on the defensive side of the ball (maybe it's the only position up in the air). Is it a matter of seeing who rises to the top from among several potentially great corners or is it a matter of just trying to find a guy who will not be a liability? Scott Lehr, North Carolina

I would disagree with your question. Not that I think you did anything wrong, but you said, “Not be a liability.” They are loaded with talent on the defensive backfield. They are looking for Who will be the biggest asset. It’s a half empty or full argument and THEY ARE FULL.

Hondo, Are there any MSU Media GEARS starting to turn regarding Connor Cook and the Heisman? Like it or not, the Heisman is a media/popularity contest among the voters. Do you think MSU is doing enough to get Conner Cook's name out there? Roger Elliott

Connor Cook’s play will get him what he needs. I know in the past Oregon, I believe, put up billboards in NYC, but it is very early. Cook will get what he needs to get the attention and if his play warrants later in the year, the MSU SID department will kick it in higher gear.

Do you think that the success that MSU has seen on the offensive line will carry over into recruiting? You've said previously that other coaches use the fact that MSU hadn't put many offensive linemen in the NFL lately against them (they go to Hillsdale comment comes to mind). Now they have a top tier OL. Do you think that the trend of a good to amazing offensive line will continue and bring in more top recruits for that part of the team? Jeff Cottrell

First, I have said that in recruiting their recruits are often being told that the only position MSU has not had drafted under Dantonio are offensive line. More than one OL recruit has told me that. To clarify, I had a high ranking NFL guy mention that Hillsdale had one before MSU. That said, what MSU is doing right now on the OL is monster and that streak of undrafted OL ends this year with two that I would consider LOCKS.

I know that Coach Dantonio is secure with himself and his program. This "Harbaugh stuff" must serve to motivate. True? I would be interested in your insight. Dan from Chicago

Sure it motivates. Sure it makes it more fun, but perhaps from an angle many are not thinking about. Dantonio is NOT afraid of or intimidated by attention. He simply doesn’t seek it. I have heard several media people talk about how “He hates doing media.” I have known him a long time and consider him a friend and I don’t think he hates doing media. In fact, I can tell you he doesn’t. Harbaugh can have the attention, what I would think bothers Dantonio is when his players are not giving respect for what they have done when others have done nothing as of yet. I said it before and will say again. At ESPN when he was on campus this summer was nothing short of disrespectful of him. It played right into his hands. ESPN unknowingly did the man a favor.

Hondo, I was told that Josiah Price has a little brother named Barack after President Obama. Is that accurate? Thanks, Karol in Illinois

No, it is not. Josiah’s little brother Barak (different spelling and pronunciation) is named after a man from the Bible. For Christians, Hebrews 11 is considered the Hall of Fame of faith. In verse 32 the writer of Hebrews mentions Barak. The Price family is very committed to their faith and named him after that man of God.

Hondo, in your opinion what is the real time impact of Connor Cook NOT being named a captain? Sam in Battle Creek

Great question and a very simple answer. It doesn’t hurt MSU. It hurts Connor at the next level. I had one NFL exec ask me a question I can’t print, but essentially what the heck? At the NFL level you are a face (when you are the 1st round QB) of a billion dollar company. Teams are going to spend a lot of time trying to wrap their heads around that, but it means zero for this season. He is a gamer and MSU has proven the last two years what they can do when he is not a captain. By the way, I expect him to be the fourth captain when MSU plays in Columbus. In the end, his play will determine how high he gets picked. I'm guessing the young man to have a monster season and go high.

There you go everyone. That is this week’s question and answer article. If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A