Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, I wonder if there is a place for Jayru as a red-shirt/walk-on, if he agrees to accept the discipline to grow as a man of character under the auspices of football with strong male role models. I appreciate your thoughts on this issue. Peter Morgan

Peter, that ship has left the harbor. Spartan Nation wishes Jayru nothing but the best, but it has moved on as Spartan Nation first reported months ago.

Hi Hondo, It seems like MSU is offering scholarships to players every other day. What are the percentages? For a class of 20 signees, how many will they have offered? Michael Clark

First of all, this class for 2015 sits at 14 as of right now as far as size. MSU has seven commits already so it is half full. We have said that the size is 14 for nearly five months andDantonio confirmed exclusively to Spartan Nation last week. Secondly, there isn’t a fluid number. For example, if they are taking two offensive tackles, they may have evaluated 10 that they all think are worthy of an offer. They would inform all 10 that the first two to take the spots get them and the others are out of luck. Sometimes as it gets closer to signing day or as that pool of ten shrinks they may offer plan B or plan C players. Sometimes they don’t make a ton of offers, because certain positions fill up quick and may take a longer time. There is no answer, because it is VERY fluid. I hope that helps.

Hondo, can you please explain something about recruiting....when schools hand out offers, if a lower 'ranked' kid wants to commit, but the school has offers out to higher rated kids, does the school 'hold' the commit to see what happens with the higher rated kid? Does the school ever take the higher rated kid and then cut loose the lower rated kid? How does MD handle? Thanks, Greg Seraydarian

Simple. MSU will tell a plan B/C/D player that they want them if player A doesn’t commit. It is a conditional offer and they do not count him as committed until they are willing to take him. If they offer and a player commits, they stay committed. Only once has Dantonio pulled an offer on a player who they felt was not able to perform at this level. It was early in his tenure at MSU and he felt the assistant who evaluated him had not made a good evaluation. Some have lost offers because of conduct or BEFORE committing, but not after.

Was it me or did Spartan Stadium turf appear to need lots of TLC after the spring game? Are there any special plans to bring the turf back to pristine condition before the 1st home game? Kevin Baker


MSU athletics has the best turf grass specialist in the nation.  Her name is Amy Fouty and she is a giant in her field. I asked her your question and she said, “We had five games out of seven last year that had rain. Added to our brutal winter people saw that on spring field. Once spring was over we have begun our normal field care and maintenance and it will be as good as ever for the upcoming season.”


So I was shooting the bull with a fellow cancer patient at Scripps in San Diego while we were waiting for our turn with the cyclotron. This Wisconsin county supervisor was not only from the same county as the Chumura brothers, he knew them both as well their dad. "You've got two fine young men there," he said. "Michigan State is lucky to have them." Small world. Rick Sikorski

Sorry to hear about your cancer, I am sure all of Spartan Nation will remember you in our prayers. Thank you though for the great story.


Hondo, I just read the article on yahoo that claims MSU only sold 94.5% of its Rose Bowl tickets.  What’s going on?  As a donor I requested the 4 tickets that I was supposedly allotted, but only received 2.  I have talked to several other donors who had the same experience.  Again, what’s going on?   We are repeatedly told that points matter, but a decision was made giving tickets to all season ticket holders screwing those of us who have given for years. Now we find out that MSU didn't even sell all of the tickets allotted. What’s going on? Max McDonald Sr.

I can’t speak specifically to your situation. I can specifically address that Mark Hollis was told by the head of his ticket office that ALL donors at the Director’s Level on up got four tickets UNLESS they were a ticket broker to the Rose Bowl. I can also tell you that he was not given accurate information. The MSU ticket office, in my opinion, was less than stellar during the Rose Bowl and frankly struggles. Mark Hollis is brilliant and he can’t do it all. That department, I can attest not only from what you the fans have told me, but by my own experience, is uninformed, has a sense of entitlement, and doesn’t embrace Hollis and his commitment to customer service. I can’t comment on the Yahoo article, but I can tell you that INSIDE the University there are few fans of the ticket office off the record and as one senior MSU athletics administrator said to me recently, “I get tired of having to cover for them.” Countless fans ended up having to go to brokers, and numerous frustrated people were alienated by that office. Luckily for them, as long as MSU football wins at a high level they can get away with that for now. If that winning stops or slows, they have not made ANY friends.Â


Hondo, I have heard from you numerous times that Coach Dantonio is only taking one QB recruit in the 2015 class. You also reported that Jayru wasn’t coming for months. I recently read in the paper this: “With the Jayru Campbell situation still up in the air the Michigan State staff is making sure it has other options at quarterback for 2015. One player the Spartans recently offered a scholarship is Dwayne Lawson of Hillsborough High School in Tampa.” Are you standing by only one QB for this class? Henry


Yes, I am. MSU will not offer a scholarship to another player to come to Michigan State for the 2015 class who is a QB. They may offer players who are QB’s in high school that will play other places at MSU, but only one QB and that is Brian Lewerke. I did not read what you sent me in the paper, but I have spoken to Mark Dantonio about the position (not specific players as the NCAA doesn’t allow that) and he said, “One.” I can’t control what others report, but I can report what Coach D says and it is his program.

With the news the QB Terry is recovering from a spring game injury, isn't the handwriting on the wall that it will be an uphill battle for him to be the backup QB for the upcoming season. Dave

I disagree with the premise of your argument. I think he was going to have an uphill battle to win the backup job from O’Connor with an injury or not. That said he will be fine to compete, so if he is good enough he will get it. He is so talented, but don’t disrespect O’Connor like so many are. All three MSU QB’s are incredibly talented and Damion has literally been on campus one year. Literally. MSU fans are doing him a disservice not allowing him time to grow physically and to learn the system. Damion is not a good QB, he is a star, but so is O’Connor and Cook. Sometimes people are in such a rush for the young guy, they fail to enjoy what they have.

There you go everyone. That is this week’s question and answer article. If you have a question never hesitate to email at and put in the subject line FB Q/A