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Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Answering your Michigan State Football Questions and Emails…

Hondo, I haven't seen much mentioned about Trae Waynes. Last year Trae was praised for his strong camp performance and we were able to see that translate on game day. I think Trae has a big job replacing Darqueze this year and I am wondering if he has shown the performance to lock down his side of the field. Rick Kohler

Trae Waynes is the least of your concerns on this defense. He is a legit NFL talent and a legit high character person. He will be just fine.

Hondo, I am guessing that when you said a starter would be out 6-8 weeks you were referring to Conner Kruse since he and Damon Knox are the only starters injured and we already knew about Knox. . But you said "his position is one of depth and strength." How can our OLine be a position of depth? Other than our 5 current starters, we have a freshman and JUCO who are brand new and still learning the system. The others have very little game experience. Where is our depth? Colin Maiorano

First, I commend you for reading what I wrote and not guessing. I was flooded by texts and emails from people who wanted to waste my time and not read. As you noted, I said it was an injury from that scrimmage and if you paid attention you knew Knox didn’t play. Secondly, OL is a place of strength. You are correct about a lack of meaningful game reps for some of them, but they are getting meaningful reps against one of the best defenses in the land every day and they are VERY talented. Dantonio had some of his best offensive lines early in his tenure at MSU, and although they let me hear it when I said this earlier, I expect when this season ends, the OL will be the best of his tenure to date. Great perception and job on both your questions.

Hondo - you have been a strong advocate for getting the back-up QB meaningful game reps. Do you expect O'Connor to see action vs JaxSt (possibly w/the ones)? Could Terry see action as well in game 1? GO GREEN!!! Rick Truxal

I do expect it for Tyler O’Connor and I hope we see Damion Terry. Not with the ones, because I don’t want the ones in that long. I want to see Cook for a half, O’Connor with the ones for 1/2 of the 3rd quarter and the twos for the remainder, and Terry for 1/2 of the fourth quarter.

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OK big man, camp is over. Who have you heard had the best camp on the team? Kyle

Easy. When I am talking with people there is ONE name that universally comes up: Riley Bullough. He did a lot to help himself and one person said it this way, “I have no problems with him backing up Ed Davis, but of all the players he has the most beef for not being a starter.” Because I know who said that, it was a monster statement. I am watching LB, RB, and freshman DT the most.

Hondo, you got to speak to me. Do I make the trip for a FCS school or can I sit this one out? Gerry

Depends on you. Dantonio has delivered. Every game counts and with recruits in the building and a national audience, do you want them to see empty seats? IF (and that is a big IF because it is hard to do) this team has another magical season, do you want to say you had the ability to watch and didn’t?

Hondo, I was listening to your radio show on Thursday night and it sounded like you were choked up. Almost dreading the game. Are you sick or was it just how it seemed? I was worried about you. I have been a big follower of yours for a long time and that wasn’t like you. Hope I am wrong. Trudy.

WOW, you are observant Trudy. This is the first time in 43 years I didn’t want a season to start. I lost my dad on May 1. He was my best friend and my anchor. He loved MSU football second only to MSU basketball, his family, hunting and most of all his friendship with Jesus Christ. I don’t have him to share it with. My earliest childhood memory was October 26, 1974. It was MSU homecoming against Purdue. I sat on my dad’s knee, stood between his legs, hung on his back, and thoroughly fell in love with the game of football as MSU destroyed the Boilermakers 31-7. Every time I have ever walked into Spartan Stadium to watch a game I look at those seats. I will miss our pregame talks and phone call. I want to survive and endure today. I am sorry it showed on my show, but I am not one prone to emotion and I guess I couldn’t hide. My sincerest apologies. Once the game starts I will be fine and tuned in to my job. Until then, it is a long day.

There you go everyone. That is your weekly MSU football questions and answers article. Make sure you send your questions to and put in the subject line Football Q/A. Thank you.