Don Treadwell Is the MSU MVP So Far!



Don Treadwell can do nothing else to prove to the nation he is ready for a head job!  Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.
Don Treadwell can do nothing else to prove to the nation he is ready for a head job! Photo courtesy of Bill Marklevits.

Everyone let out a sigh of relief when it was clear Mark Dantonio was going to be fine after his mild heart attack a couple weeks ago. Don Treadwell stepped in for Coach Dantonio when it was clear he’d be absent for a week and did a masterful job beating Northern Colorado. Any coach with half a brain could have beaten Northern Colorado with MSU’s roster. Coach Tread sure sounded good speaking like a head coach after the game. Shoot, he even looked the part in a starched shirt, a snappy tie and a sport coat. After the Northern Colorado win, Don Treadwell was a serious candidate for head coaching jobs.


A week later, after a routine check-up, Mark Dantonio was told he’d need to stay away from Spartan Stadium to address a blood clot in one of his legs. The doctors hospitalized him as a precaution and Mark Dantonio was relegated to the job of “armchair coach” watching his Spartans dismantle a top-fifteen Badger program. At the heart of it all was his friend and coaching confidant Don Treadwell. After the game, Coach Tread deflected the praise to the MSU staff and ‘Coach D.’ The smile was bigger than the week before. Coach Tread knew that his opening Big Ten win was a beauty… one to relish for a coaching career… one that made the list of ones that will ultimately get him to the next step in his career whether he was looking for that step or not.


MSU has a lot of talent on their current staff and folks around Big Ten country and beyond are taking notice. In addition to Treadwell’s heroics last weekend, Coach Narduzzi put together quite a doozy on the defensive side of the ball as well. There were a couple breakdowns, but not the breakdowns we saw last season with routine deep ball completions and missed tackles in the secondary. The Denard Robinson challenge may require Narduzzi’s best defensive engineering to date if we are to continue our streak against the Woodchucks. MSU’s defense is starting to grow up.


You can dissect the last two weeks anyway you’d like and you can only come to one conclusion, Don Treadwell is ready to be a head coach. With this statement I have made comes some questions. Is Don interested in head coaching jobs at the conclusion of this season? Will there be a job out there that interests Coach Tread? Would he leave before his son Blake finishes his MSU career? Is there an opportunity to rework his contract in order to keep him at MSU? And last, but certainly not least, does anyone doubt his value as both a coach and a leader to MSU football?


I do believe these questions are relevant. I think Coach Treadwell will be on everyone’s radar come November when the rumors start flying and the jobs come open. I think Minnesota would be stupid not to give him a strong look after the Brewster experiment. I also think that IU would be a good fit if they too decide to make a change. If a deal can be retooled to keep Coach Treadwell on our sidelines for another couple years, than I think Hollis and company need to take a look at it before the bowl game.


Coach Tread has a great poker face. He is so good at holding his cards close to the vest; he can stand firmly with the best of them, smile politely and never give you a straight answer all the while thinking this guys is just great. He never takes credit for the team’s success and his quick to accept any criticism. He has the even keel composure you want to see representing your school and he has a smile that speaks louder than anything that comes out of his mouth. 


The last two weeks have been emotional with Coach Dantonio being out. Through adversity and people banding together, we learned more about the kids who play for MSU and men who coach them. We got an opportunity to see our offensive coordinator Don Treadwell take a huge step forward. We saw our team keep its composure.  We got a crucial Big Ten win against a top tier opponent. We got our head coach back, but we witnessed a future division one coach seize the opportunity to shine. The funny thing is, you had to be watching… ‘cuz he’d never tell you.